My life is perfect

Samantha ( Sami ) has loved one direction since they became a band and on day her and her Directioner friend won backstage concert tickets and front row find out what happens next


4. Yay

Today was the day of the concert we had to be early because we had backstage passes. It was valentines day so hopefully one member of 1D will ask me to be their valentine. It was 4 and we had to be there at 5 so me and Hailee got ready we got dressed did our hair and did our makeup. We left at 4:20 and we decided to stop at Starbucks. After we left Starbucks we went to the staples center. We met 1D wow I can't believe that Niall Horan asked me to be his valentine then he kissed me OMFG. Hailee got asked out and kissed by Liam Payne.

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