My life is perfect

Samantha ( Sami ) has loved one direction since they became a band and on day her and her Directioner friend won backstage concert tickets and front row find out what happens next


3. Really

Hailee and I went upstairs to my room and we decided to call Saturday night live and guess what we won ok we won 1D front row and backstage passes. We were so excited I cryed and hailee fucking freaked. I really couldn't believe this had just happened WOW JUST WOW! Now I just felt like everything is gonna change. We couldn't stop thinking about what we should wear and how we should do our hair and how we should do our makeup and the concert was on Saturday so we were in a really big rush. After a long day and night hailee picked out a orange tank top with crystals on it, white flowerly shorts, and black vans. I picked out a denim crop top, a orange with white polkadots skirt, and some heels. We decided we were both gonna get our hair cut and curled for the concert and then makeup we still haven't decided. After all that exciment and long day we decided to go to bed. 

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