My life is perfect

Samantha ( Sami ) has loved one direction since they became a band and on day her and her Directioner friend won backstage concert tickets and front row find out what happens next


6. 3 years later

Niall asked me to be his wife and I said yes and then I told him I was pregnant and we were both so happy. We planed to have the wedding next valentines day. We went out to eat at nandos and man was that good. We decided to move in together so once we left nandos we went to get me packed. Niall started kissing me and I kissed back then it turned into a make out session like always then he whispered in my ear I love you Samantha and I said I love you to Niall Horan forever and always. We started to think about all of our future with our Horan baby's and me being Mrs.Horan just wow 3 years ago I was just a normal high school girl with no life just one simple best friend now look at me I'm pregnant with the one and only Niall Horans kids and I'm going to be future Mrs.Horan.

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