The life of Elena Gilbert


1. Four months

Dear Diary,

Four months ago my parents car went off Wickery Bridge. I was in the back seat, my dad was driving and my mom was in the passenger side. They went to pick me up from a party I was at that night and as we were driving home the car went off the bridge. I survived the crash but my parents did not. There is not a day that goes by that i don't think of them and why i lived but they didn't. Today is a new day though. Its the first day of Junior Year and I know people are going to ask "are you ok?" and i will nod my head and say yes i'm fine don't worry about me. That's a lie. Jeremy my younger brother was not in the car when the accident happened. He hasn't been the same sense, neither have I. The difference between me and Jeremy is that he takes away his pain with drugs and alcohol and I take away my pain with writing in my journal. I have two best friends Bonnie and Caroline their wonderful but their always worrying about me and I know that's what their supposed to do sense they are my best friends but every time they ask me the same question just like everyone else. "Elena are you ok, how are you doing?" and I always have the same response "i'm fine don't worry about me". Before my parents died I had a boyfriend, Matt.

He's been my best friend sense we were kids and we decided to try the whole dating thing and that didn't work out. I broke up with him after the accident i said i needed space. He's the kind of friend you have to try the dating thing just to see if there could ever been anything more then just friends and boy was that the wrong thing to do. My aunt Jenna is our "parent" now. She's doing a good job for someone who lost their sister only four months ago. Now i have to get ready for a day worth of lies.

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