Trapped {1D}


4. Chapter 4

Jessica's POV



That's the word that runs in my head.

"So like are we going to talk or figure out how to leave"Liam said

"I agree"I said

"Me 2"Jamie said

"So what's the plan genius?"I told Liam

"Well we can try to see if there's any windows here"Liam said

" really? Since when is there a window inside a fucking theatre room shit? Ugh never mind, Why don't we see if there's an emergency exit"i asked

"That's a....actually a good idea wow you are kinda smart"Louis said

"Wow thanks I try anyways let's try to find an exit"I said

Well we were all trying to find an exit and I noticed zayn has been quite for a while. Maybe I should start a conversation with him. I walked all the way to where Zayn was.

"Hey"I said

He looked at me and smiled "hi"

"You've been awfully quite it's something wrong did I do something wrong"I asked concern

"No no its fine." Zayn said

But I wasn't convinced. And I can tell he noticed because he sighed.

"Fine but I was wondering if you didn't like Louis because you seam like you don't." Zayn explained.

"Oh you got the wrong Idea I guess I didn't make a good first impression." I chuckled

"Well your impression was actually funny anyways I might ask him ok"zayn said

"Sure ill just talk to someone else ok I was just wondering if you were ok bi"I said walking away

Zayn's POV

I can tell me and Jessica will get along well. I like her like my sister I'm defiantly spoiling her.

I walked all the way to Louis and grabbed him and took him aside to talk to him privately.

"Hey mate"Louis said

"Hey Lou I was wondering why don't you like Jessica"I asked

"I never said I didn't like her it's just that she annoys me"he said

"Well give her a chance mate please she looks nice if you get to know her"I said

"Ill try"he said but I didn't find it believable but I let it slide.

"Ok let's go back to the others"I asked he just nodded

Louis's POV

I honestly don't know why I treat Jessica the way I do. And I'm starting to feel guilty maybe ill apologise. Eh maybe later.

"Hey Harry"I told Harry

"Hey Lou"Harry said

I was going to answer when I heard multiple screams. Harry and I looked at each other before runny to the guys. When we got there I almost had a heart attack.


That's what the door read. Well I guess we are stuck here for today or maybe longer. Can this day get any worst!!!!

Oh wait it just did :(



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