He was sweet, kind, Irish, a guy everyone wanted to be. With the fame everyone would kill to be him. I wanted to be with him.


2. Chapter Two

The thunder boomed again outside and I tried to curl up even more but that wasn't physically possible. The only light in the living room was the TV which showed Carrie and the occasional streak of lightning. Why was I watching Carrie at such a late time at such a scary time like a storm? I'm an idiot but I can't take my eyes off the TV. Another clap of thunder, it was loud and it felt as if the ground shook. I screamed and griped the blankets tightly, trying to sink deeper into the sofa.


Carrie had ended and so had the thunder. All that was left was the buckets of rain. There was a knock at my door. Who would come out in this weather?! I cracked the door open, peeking at the person at the door.

"San. I love you. I'm sorry it took me so long to realize it. But I love you and I want to make love to you." He smiled, grabbing my face kissing me forcefully. I stumbled backwards and he walked in shutting the door and pushing me on the sofa.

"Niall I-" He cut me off. "Just let me show you how much you mean to me." He whispered.

It became really heated as he inserted himself. He was gentle and it felt so good.

He smiled at me, tired. "I love you Niall." I mumbled. "I love you more." He replied.

"But you need to wake up." He said.

My eyes opened and I looked around to find myself in my room. I knew it was too good to true. It's been two years. He's never coming back. I checked the time.

3:00 PM

Crap! I had to be at my mum's house by 5!


I pulled on my favourite blue knee-length dress with a thin braided brown belt around the waist. I slid my black Vans on and fixed my brown curly hair. I grabbed my brown cross-body bag and slipped it on, walking downstairs. I grabbed my gift for her and my car keys walking out the house and into my car.


I rang the doorbell waiting for her to open the door. It opened but it wasn't her. It wasn't even a her. It was Niall. "Sandra I-" he was cut off by my mum. "There's my baby! Come in and give me a kiss!" Niall stepped aside and I walked in giving her a kiss.

"Maura's in the kitchen." She smiles. I nod and walk to the kitchen. Don't think about Niall behind you. "Hey Maura!" I smiled. She squealed and hugged me.

"Why haven't you visited me?!" I shrugged. She shook her head. "You're still that cute little girl who shrugs a lot." She turns back to the food. When I walked out of the kitchen Niall and his band mates plus their mums were in the living room chatting amongst themselves.

"There she is!" My mum yelled, waving me over. The boys watched me, I swear every single one except Niall was checking me out. "This is Sandra." She introduced me. The mums introduced themselves and explained which one was their son.

"So do you have a boyfriend Sandra?" Jay, Louis' mum asked. I shook my head, my curls bouncing. They all gasped. "A beautiful girl like you should have a boyfriend!" Anne, Harry's mum gasped. I laughed, blushing.

"C'mon girls! I think poor Maura could use some help in the kitchen." Karen, Liam's mum smiled as they scurried off in a pack, champagne glass in hand. I watched them walk away.

"I'm sorry about them." Louis smiled. "It's alright. They seem nice." He laughed. "So they appear." Louis jokes. I laugh.


I spend the rest of the night talking to Louis. I spent some moments with the other boys but I always ended up with Louis. Niall didn't seem to like it that much either. He was always glaring or trying to grab Louis' attention. If I do say so myself. I think he's jealous.

"Sandra can I talk to you in private?" Niall asked. That's the first time he's talked to me since I've came. I nod and he grabs my hand. Oh my- HE'S HOLDING MY HAND?! AHHH!

We walk out into the backyard. A wind blows causing my hair to fly. I think nothing of it. "Why are you talking to Louis?" He asks. I roll my eyes.

"Niall is that all you wanted to talk about?" I ask. He sighs. He turns to the open land behind us, running a hand through his hair. He turned back to me, a frown present. "Cause he's nice and he wants to talk to me." I shrug.

"So I'm not ni-" I cut him off. "You don't want to talk to me. You wouldn't even look at me!" I say, my voice cracked at the end. Damn it Sandra. Keep it together. Don't cry in front of him. "San, I -" I shook my head as a tear rolled down my cheek. "Don't call me that." I muttered and ran back into the house. I bumped into Louis.

"What's wrong babe?" He said, looking like he generally cared. I shook my head and shook him off, running past the living room and out the front door. I ran down the sidewalk my hair flying around.

Why did he have to come? Why did he have to break my heart? Why did I ever fall for him? Why?! I ran down a dirt path picking up rocks and almost falling. I slowed down as I reached the hill. I sat down on the cool grass.

I breathed heavily as I looked out over the horizon. It was beautiful. It was a look out of the town. I fell onto my back shutting my eyes, the warm breeze making the grass sway and tickle my body. Everything felt like it was going to be okay.

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