He was sweet, kind, Irish, a guy everyone wanted to be. With the fame everyone would kill to be him. I wanted to be with him.


3. Chapter Three

Louis' POV

I walked out into the backyard to find a sniffling Niall. I grabbed him by his collar roughly. "What did you do to Sandra?" He didn't look at him. I shook him hard. "Answer me!" He glared back at me.

"Why would I tell you?! You just met her! I didn't do anything! Now let me go you self centred cunt!" He spat. I pushed him hard and he fell to the ground. I stormed out the front door.

I was so angry! I can't believe Niall would make such a sweet, nice, beautiful, special girl like Sandra cry! I kicked the rocks on the dirt path. I needed my calm place I found the first time I came to Ireland. It was perfect. A look out of the town.

I saw someone laying in the grass. Someone knows about this place too? I jogged over to find Sandra laying on the ground. She opened her eyes, her beautiful blue eyes sparkling. "You found me." She giggled. I got down on my knees as she sat up, looking at me.

"Did Niall tell you I'd be here?" She asked. "No. I found this place when I first came here. How would Niall know you're here?" I raised an eyebrow.

"Well. When we were kids and we hung out, we used to run up here and just talk and play. As we got older it became a place to calm ourselves down when we're upset or mad. This is like our place. We never told anyone about it. Our secret hideout. I haven't came here in a while though. I'm surprised I'd remembered where it was." She shrugged. She was so cute the wind blowing her hair. She was just so...special. At the same time, something in me burned. It was every time Niall was brought up.

"You and Niall. You're close?" I ask. She nods. "Not anymore though." She said, looking at the horizon. "Why?" I continue to press. She turns to me and giggles. "You sure do ask a lot of questions. We're not close cause we're just not. People change. Feelings change." She shrugs.

She turns her attention back to me and I take the chance. I brush her hair behind her ear. "Lou-" I cut her off with my lips. She kissed back. It was a slow and nice kiss.

She pulled away. "That was nice." She whispered. I nodded. She smiled. I smiled too. She gently shoved me. "What was that for?!" I asked teasingly. "Stop staring at me like that!" She shrugged.

"How do I look at you?" I ask, a playful tone in my voice while I tried to be serious. "Like you love me or something." I smile, a chuckle escaping past my lips. "There it is!" She pointed. I laughed. She groaned. "Stop it! You're not in love with me!" She shakes her head.

"But I am." I smile. "We just met Lou-" I cut her off with my lips. She pulled away. "You need to stop." She says trying to be serious but only ends up smiling. "I believe in love at first sight." I whisper. "Since when?" She teased.

"Since I met you." She looked down blushing. I stand up, giving her my hand. She looks up at it. She grabs it and I find myself on the ground on my stomach. She laughs.

I smirk and climb on top of her lap. "Louis what are you -" she cut herself off as she laughed. I tickled her. She was so cute. She made me happy.

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