Roses are red violets are blue my names Harry and I think I love you!

Taylor Langley is a 19 years old girl who has had a rough life. Nothing has come Easley to her but what happens when she moves to England and a handsome Harry Styles comes in? Will she be the same Taylor or will her life change forever?


5. Waking up

Harry's p.o.v

As I woke up I smelt coffee and heard someone singing. As my eyes adjusted I realized that I was at Taylor's house.

"Good Morning sleepy head."

"Good Morning" I sat up on my bum and got to my feet.

"You want some coffee?"

"That sounds wonderful actually" I stretched my arms out and walked over to the counter.

"I'll say your floor is pretty comfortable! I don't even sleep that good on my own bed." This caused some giggles from her and she handed me the coffee.

"Do you have any plans today?" I asked Taylor hoping she say no.

"No not really." This news just made me the happiest man alive

" we'll how about I show you around London?"

""That sounds wonderfull!"

"We'll I'm going to go to my house and take a shower and I'll leave you to get ready sound good?"

"Perfect" she said smiling

"Bye Taylor."I said as I was walking out of the door

"Bye Harry love you!" I stopped in my tracks

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