Roses are red violets are blue my names Harry and I think I love you!

Taylor Langley is a 19 years old girl who has had a rough life. Nothing has come Easley to her but what happens when she moves to England and a handsome Harry Styles comes in? Will she be the same Taylor or will her life change forever?


4. Helping

Taylor's P.O.V

As we finally pulled up Harry got out of the car and came to my side.

" your a real gentleman you know that right?"

"We'll my mom taught me everything I know."

As I was beginning to get out Harry extended his hand for me to grap and I gladly excepted it. As we grabbed my things it seems like the movers have already been here because all of my stuff is right in the middle of the floor in the living room.

" do you need some help unpacking?" Harry offered and flashed me a smile.

"Of you really have nothing better to do I guess it's fine." I couldn't help bit smile

*skip's to morning

As I woke up the light was shining in through the window. When my Eyes fully adjusted I could see that Harry was passed out on the floor.... He was so beautiful the way his lips were equally proportioned his smile it made me melt inside and gave me warm fuzzy feelings.... I think I'm falling for him but I don't know if he likes me....

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