She walked down the street and changed the whole story along .

*austin mahone*


1. chapter one

"Austin, austin" mom shook me, tryig to wake me up. "Our new neighbors are here." She pulled the blanket off me.

"Go without me" I yawned and scratched my head, with my messy hair

"No. You're going to meet them with me." She strictly said

"Fine." I got up, and mom walked out so I could get changed. I threw a white tshirt on and a pair of black jeans. I looked in the mirror. My hazel eyes were brown right now.

I ran outside to where mom and the neighbors were.

"Hello" I shook everyone's hand. It was two parents, an older boy, and a girl, my age.

She had brown hair with blonde ends.

"Hi" she smiled. She had big brown eyes.

"Hey" I said smiling back. We made eye contact.

"How about we have coffee. Austin, show Nicole and Jack around the neighbor hood." Mom said.

"Okay, well follow me" I laughed and lead them.

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