A shadowhunter tale

The shadowhunters in the London institute are up for a ride. Can they survive?


1. A New Addition

Chance Herondale stood in the London Institute training room knife in hand positioned towards the ancient black target painted on the wall, he threw it hit dead center as the accuracy rune on his right forearm throbbed. "Nice throw." a small,strong voice said from the door Chance turned to see Hailey standing in door way smiling. 

          "Thanks Hailey you know I've been-- he was cut short as Hailey burst out laughing her face red

            "But I'm wayyyyy better!!" Chances face tured beat red as Hailey turned to leave but she stopped halfway down the hall as if she had forgotten something "Oh Zeke wants to see you in the weapons room!" She shouted continuing her way down the hall.


Chance waltzed into the training room to find that his paribatai wasn't there as he walked back into the hallway he caught a glimpse of the golden brown coat of Sunny Hailey's dog "hey Sunny boy where's Zeke?" He asked as the dog turned to face him 

               "Follow me!!" The dog barked it didn't take long to find Chances green haired half Fairey paribatai eating a piece of pie "hey Zeke you called" Chance said leaning against the counter 

                "Oh ya" Zeke said around a mouthful of pie "your cousin Makenzie is coming to live here." He said after swallowing

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