Lilith's Sonnet

This is a sonnet about Lilith, the legendary "first" wife of Adam and child-killer.

**Yellow because of mentions of gore.


1. Default

Beware the Lady Night, who flies beneath

Diana, seekin' Adam's flesh and blood.

A hundred babes, when they were just a-bud,

Were slaughtered; only cribs could they bequeath.

An infant's head adorned with rosy wreath,

Her eyes start turning red about to flood.

The man would feel her grief; he's sun-dried mud.

If Lilith can't have children, no one can.

From birth her wrath affects: girls twenty days,

And boys for eight. Follow this plan:

One: write the names of angels three with "S"

On charm. Two: sing a "lullaby," a phrase.

Avenge her kin! She honors them as clan.

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