Hogwarts is Frozen

Was Elsa hidden from Anna because of Elsa`s ice powers?No.Elsa has another power.She's a witch!Anna has been kept away from Elsa to keep her safe from both of Elsa`s powers now Elsa has had to escape from the castle without Anna knowing so that Anna is safe.Hogwarts is about to get FROZEN!!!!


10. Getting Elsa Back

Hermione's P.O.V

"That went well." Ron said pushing himself up from the snowy ground. "Yeah perfect." Harry said. "Where's Elsa? Harry I thought you had her." I asked. "I did... well I... she might of." "Harry where is she?" Me and Ron asked together. "I don't know." He said. "Maybe one of those other wizards disapparated or something." Ron said. "Disapparated?" Harry asked. "It's where you can travel from one place to another." I said. "Where'll they of gone then?" Harry asked. "To the Ministry." Ron said. "Great lets go." Harry said getting up. "Excuse me Captain Capable have you even realized that we can't get there." I pointed out pulling him back down. "Then we'll go back to my house and use the Floo Network." Ron said. "Great we can get there but we can't get out." I said. "Hermione." Ron said putting a hand on my shoulder "If you knew the Ministry you'd know they have hundreds of thousands of Floo Networks." "How are we even going to get to your house Ron?" Harry asked. "Sensible question Harry. Tell me Ron how do we get to your house?" I asked. "We walk." He said pointing West. "We walk?" I asked. "Come on then." Ron said getting up and going West. "We walk." I said and me and Harry got up. 

Harry's P.O.V

We'd been walking for two hours and already things were getting tough. "We've been walking for ages. Who even suggested this dumb idea?" Ron said. "Lets just keep going alright." Hermione said and we walked for two more hours then we saw what I presume to be Ron's house. Covered in a thick blanket of snow like everywhere else it looked great. "It's not much, but it's home." He said. "I think it's brilliant." I breathed. Inside the dishes were washing themselves, the carrots on the chopping board were chopping themselves and the knitting on an armchair was knitting itself! We followed Ron to a large fireplace which next to it had a cup of grey powder. "I'll go first to show you what floo is." Ron said He climbed into the fireplace took a handful of the powder from the cup and said. "Ok. So you climb in take a handful of powder and say where you wanna go loud and clear." He said. "Got it." Hermione said. Ron shouted, "Ministry of Magic!" and green flames burst when he threw the Floo powder on the floor of the fireplace. Ron had disappeared! Hermione did the same thing after and then it was my turn. I stood in, took a handful of powder and shouted "Ministry of Magic." The green flames appeared again and the next thing I knew I was in a green and black corridor with lots of people rushing around. By a fountain I saw Ron and Hermione. "Harry." "Harry over here!" They jumped and waved. I pushed my way through the crowds towards them and we got separated by the people. Ron and Hermione were together and I was alone. I made my way to an elevator when a voice from some speakers said. "Everyone for the court room." Elsa might be there so I made my way for the elevator.

Ron's P.O.V

"Great we've lost him." Hermione said looking back for him. "Lets go it's better that we've split up, now we have more of a chance of finding Elsa." I said, "And if we split up then we have three times the chance. You go that way I'll go this way." And we split up. But just then I heard the sound of someone coming here by Floo- It was the people that had gone to find Elsa, and with them was Elsa! I followed them to where they were going and they went to a court room. In there I found Harry and Hermione. Elsa was sitting on a chair in the middle of the room and when I got there she looked at me, the Minister for Magic was on his high chair with a lot of jury around him. "We are here today for the courting of Elsa Rosabelle Weasley for the crime of using ice powers dangerously." The Minister said. "I didn't and they weren't any harm to anyone." She said. "Silence." The Minister bellowed, "If you don't have any witnesses to the event then I have to say that all charges shall be put forward." "And what charges are they?" Elsa asked. "Being put in Azkaban instantly." "Elsa." I said and I ran into the room, "Witness to the event Ronald Billius Weasley." "Second witness Hermione Jean Granger." "Third witness Harry James Potter." We wouldn't go down without a fight and I'm sure we could make everyone else see that Elsa wasn't dangerous. "Three witnesses are not enough Albus and even you can see it." Cornielius Fudge, the minister spat looking at Dumbledore. Dumbledore was here. "Cornielius, clearly you can see with the time that we can gather witnesses as there are over a hundred witnesses back at Hogwarts." Dumbledore said. "All those in favour of conviction." Mafalda Hopkirk said and about one quarter raised their hands. One was Lucius Malfoy. "Those in favour of clearing the accused of all charges." And three quarters raised their hands. "Cleared of all charges." Fudge said banging his gavel. Elsa got up instantly and ran over to us and pulled us into a tight hug. "Thank you." She said, "I could never of done this without you, and if you didn't I would be in Azkaban by now." "No problem, princess." I said. "Well I think we can say that that's one snowy game all wrapped up." Dumbledore said coming towards us, "No-one can say a word about this, right Weasleys, Potter, Granger." And we all laughed at this. It was time to go back to Hogwarts. Elsa said that she would thaw all of the ice and snow from where it was. This really has been an eventful year.


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