Hogwarts is Frozen

Was Elsa hidden from Anna because of Elsa`s ice powers?No.Elsa has another power.She's a witch!Anna has been kept away from Elsa to keep her safe from both of Elsa`s powers now Elsa has had to escape from the castle without Anna knowing so that Anna is safe.Hogwarts is about to get FROZEN!!!!


8. Elsa's Ice Palace

Ron's P.O.V

I know that it's been a week so I stopped to wait for Harry and Hermione. When they arrived we continued our journey. After another day of searching we stopped to rest by a large group of trees covered in icicles. "Harry come look at this." Hermione said brushing her hand over a tree. "E.W who could that be?" Harry asked. "Look under it Harry." I said pointing to it to the enitals under E.W inside the heart that was drawn in ice on the tree. "H.P. Harry Potter." Hermione said. "If H.P is Harry Potter then E.W must be Elsa Weasley. Great that must mean we're close to her." She said running in the direction of the North Mountain. The next morning Harry found something. "Guys look it's some Gryffindor house robes." He said picking them up. "That must mean Elsa's not far." "I've got it." Hermione said. "Elsa's at the North Mountain. I mean all of these clues are leading us in that direction it all fits." "What are we waiting for let's go." I said and we ran as fast as we could to the mountain. "Woah this is amazing come look!" Harry said and me and Hermione went to him. "That is just awesome." I said. Right in front of us was a huge beautiful ice palace. "Let's go." Hermione  said. "Well knock Ron." Harry said when we got there pushing me forward. I knocked three times and no answer came. "Honestly you two just open the door." Hermione said pushing her way past us and throwing the doors open. "Elsa. Elsa. Elsa where are you?" We called. 

Elsa's P.O.V

"Elsa. Elsa. Elsa where are you?" I'd know those voices anywhere. It was Ron, Harry and Hermione. It was time to go out there and face the people that were down there. I pushed the double doors that were up at the top of the stairs and stood there. "Elsa." Ron said his eyes lighting up. "We've been so worried about you. You have know idea how long we've been searching for you." Hermione said. "Thanks for coming up here." I said it had been so long since I'd spoken to anybody. "So you'll come back then." Ron said stepping nearer to the stairs. "Back?" I asked. "Yeah. To take away all of the snow. No-one can go home until all of the snow clears up." Ron said. "You really think that just a simple question would make everything alright." I said. "Well I just thought ..." Ron started. "Go just go." With that I left. "Elsa wait." Hermione shouted.

Hermione's P.O.V

"Elsa wait." I shouted. "We have to go after her." "Definetly." Harry and Ron said at the same time. We ran up the stairs to the double doors and when we opened them there was a huge empty room and on the balcony at the end of the room was Elsa. "I thought I told you to go." She said. "You did but everyone at Hogwarts is depending on you to take away this Winter." I said taking four paces towards her. "Go now alright. Just leave." Elsa said. "Ok." Harry said and we all left her.

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