Hogwarts is Frozen

Was Elsa hidden from Anna because of Elsa`s ice powers?No.Elsa has another power.She's a witch!Anna has been kept away from Elsa to keep her safe from both of Elsa`s powers now Elsa has had to escape from the castle without Anna knowing so that Anna is safe.Hogwarts is about to get FROZEN!!!!


5. Authors Note!!

Hi I'm Holding A Compotition If You Want You Character To Be In The Movella Please Leave Details In Comments Example:



Personality:Nice. Smart.

Looks:Brown waist-length hair. Green eyes.Tanned skin. 

Blood type:Half-Blood.

And If Your Character Is A Boy Here Is An Example:



Personality:Kind. Brave.

Looks:Blond hair. Grey eyes.Pale skin.

Blood type:Muggle-Born.

I Will Select The Best 4 For My Movella. All Of The Rest I Will Put In One Of My Movellas.

Bye And Good Luck



Plus If I Am Doing Better Than Chased49 Please Tell Me!!!

She`s My Sister So I Want To Be Better At This Than Her. MUCH BETTER!!!!!!!!

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