Not That Type Of Girl ~Eleanor Calder Punk~

"Oops..." I said, sarcastically. He looked at me. "Well next time, be a little careful" I kicked his books towards the locker. "I'm not that type of girl, you know." I walked off leaving him, scared and fearful.


1. The New Kid

~~Eleanor P.O.V

"What did you call me?" I asked, angry. "I-I.." Dana was a very sensitive girl and fun to bully. "What did you call me?" I repeated, my teeth still clenched together as I slammed her into the locker. "I said you were bitchy" Dana said. Her voice lowered on bitchy. I laughed. Perrie and Dani laughed along. "Well, I'm letting you off easy this time but don't ever say that about me again" I said and threw her to the floor. Her brown hair flapped in the air. Her brown eyes filled with fear as she nodded. "Get out of here" I said and she got up, picked her things up and ran. Perrie and Dani stopped laughing and looked at me. "She's a bitch" Perrie said. Perrie thinks everything is funny and she's also moody but she's still a bitch like Dani and me. Dani crouched down to pick up her beanie. Dani is the prankster but she's also almost always serious. Well, I'm basically the leader. I found these ducklings all alone in the school back 3 years ago and we've been BFF's ever since. "Don't loose your beanie" Perrie joked and started laughing. Dani slapped her on the back of her neck. Oh, did I mention that Dani doesn't play? Well, she doesn't. "OUCH!" Perrie yelled, gripping her neck tightly. "Oh El, there's a new kid at this school" Dani said as we started walking down the hall. "Oh really?" I asked in a bitchy tone. "Yeah, I think it's a boy" Perrie said, putting her hands on her hips. "Name?" I demanded. "Louis, I think" Dani said. I smirked. "Well, he should've never transferred to Deary" I said, opening the door to Mrs. Kelser's room. "Mrs. Calder, you and your friends are late, again" Mrs. Kelser said, her glasses on the tip of her nose. "So what bitch?" I said, sitting at a random seat. Dani and Perrie sat on the next row. I sat next to this boy. He didn't look familiar. He kept staring at me, his eyes wide. "Boo" I said, looking at him. He frowned and looked down at his science textbook. "Bitch" I mumbled under my breath. Mrs. Kelser was annoying. She talked nonstop about whatever it is we're supposed to be learning about. The bell rang. "Class, you are dismissed" Mrs. Kelser said and I got up and pushed my chair to the floor. I could see Dani and Perrie waiting outside of the classroom. I saw the new kid walking out of the classroom. "Hey Louis" I said. The boy looked at me. "Stay out of my way" I smirked.

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