Not That Type Of Girl ~Eleanor Calder Punk~

"Oops..." I said, sarcastically. He looked at me. "Well next time, be a little careful" I kicked his books towards the locker. "I'm not that type of girl, you know." I walked off leaving him, scared and fearful.


4. Louis

~~Louis Tomlinson


I had my blue notebook in my hand, watching the boys dribble and toss the ball to each other. I wrote little things in my notebook.

She is bitchy but I don't give a fuck. She yells at me and somehow I get turned on. I caught myself from staring today. I want to talk to her, but I don't have the words. I hang with my mates everyday to try and get her off my mind but it doesn't work, I end up staring at her inked cover body and her dyed hair. Her friends aren't bad either but I'm attracted to her more. I feel like shit when I don't see her. She completes that part I've been missing all of my life.....

Zayn stole the notebook from my hand. "Ooh, what's this?" Zayn asked. I shook my head and Zayn frowned. "C'mon mate, you can speak, right?" he asked. I nodded. He rolled his eyes and started reading the notebook. I tried to snatch it away but I couldn't. "Aww, Louis' got a crush" Zayn said, walking over to the other three lads. I blushed in embarrassment. "Who's is it?" Liam asked. "Nobody" I mumbled. "Well, who's the-" I interrupted Zayn. "Yes, I have a crush, merry fucking Christmas to you." I said, not very loud. Zayn's jaw dropped just a tad. I'm the shy one, I don't talk loud or swear to anyone, ever. I looked past Zayn, to see the girl I love, back out of the school parking lot with her friends, probably angry as fuck. I sighed and looked back at Zayn. He shut his mouth. "Surprised?" I asked, in a joyful, soft, British voice. He nodded. The other boys just looked at each other then back at me. I took the notebook back and sat back down on the basketball court across from the parking lot. I continued writing.

She's the blue in the sky. She's the stars that lights the night. I want her to be mine. I need her to be mine, more than anything in the world. I would not change a thing about her. The way she looks, I can tell that she had a horrible past.

I shut my notebook and slipped it the pen in the spiral part. I slipped it in my bag and walked back over to the guys. They had everything ready. "You ready, tommo? Niall asked. "Whatever" I said and hopped in the front of Harry's black Range Rover. "So, who's house?" Harry asked, looking in the rear-view mirror.

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