Not That Type Of Girl ~Eleanor Calder Punk~

"Oops..." I said, sarcastically. He looked at me. "Well next time, be a little careful" I kicked his books towards the locker. "I'm not that type of girl, you know." I walked off leaving him, scared and fearful.


2. Gotta Problem?

~~Perrie P.O.V

"What the fuck is she doing?" Dani asked, impatiently. "I don't fucking know" I replied. We're both tired and exhausted. Dana's best friend Shelly walked past us. I smirked and knocked her books out of her hand. "WHAT THE FUCK!?!" she yelled, crouching down to pick them up. It's was obvious that she didn't know that I was Perrie from the most fierce group in the whole entire school. She looked up at me. Her eyes went wide and moved her blonde hair out of her eyes nervously. "Oh, I-I thought-" Shelly stuttered. I laughed evil-like and smirked at her. "WHAT THE FUCK!?!" I mocked her words and her bitchy tone. Dani and I laughed as she picked up her books and quickly walked away from us. Dani stopped laughing and so did I. "Nice one" she says, sticking her hand out for a high five. I high fived her hand and El walked out of the classroom. "Oh shit El, you missed it, Perrie.." Dani said. "Not fucking now" El yelled, obviously pissed. "Oh, what happened?" I asked. Was I trying to get slapped by El? I don't fucking know what I did. "PERRIE, I'M GOING TO FUCKING BITCH SLAP YOU!!" El yelled, leading us to the front doors of Deary High. The clock struck 2:30 and we headed out the doors. I took my phone out, texting Jillian. I bumped into a man, a man with black hair in a quiff. "WATCH IT ASSHOLE!!" I yelled. He frowned. "I-I'm sorry" he stuttered. I frowned, angrily. I looked at my phone, which was smashed into pieces on the ground. "FUCK YOU!!" I yelled, getting up of the ground. El and Dani were looking at him with anger in their eyes. "Now Zayn, how many times do we have to fucking tell you?" El asked, placing her hand on her hip. "I'm sorry" he mumbled. "Sorry doesn't cut it, you have to buy her a new phone" Dani said, taking off her gloves. He nodded and got off the ground. "If she doesn't have it by tomorrow, there will be a punishment, okay?" El asked, smiling like that bitch Dana does. El has a way of acting all bitchy just to get her way. Zayn nodded and walked the other direction from us, his head hanging low. "Asshole" Dani mumbled under her breath. "Zayn, the clumsy one" El said to Dani who nodded. "Write that down" El said and Dani nodded. "KEITH!!" Dani yelled across the parking lot. "GET YOUR ASS OVER HERE!!" A few seconds later, Keith walked over. Keith was a nerd that we basically tortured. "Y-Yes ma'am?" he asked. "Get the notepad out" Dani said, nodding her head along with her words. He nodded and pulled out a green spiral notebook. "Zayn, the clumsy one" El said and Keith nodded. "Wanna take it home?" El and Dani shook their head and kept walking in front of me. I walked up to Keith. "Hand it over" I whispered, but it was still demanding and bitchy. He nodded and gave me the notebook. I shoved it in my bag and sprinted up to El and Dani. "Get in the car bitch" El said, starting the car. I nodded and hopped in the back seat. I wonder what Keith writes in this. I am always with the girls but a lot of times El or Dani whispers something in his ear and he writes it down and I don't know what the fuck it says.

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