The Seasons

Ved ikke helt om jeg har overvurderet aldersgrænsen.
Hvis I læser det, vil I så ikke være dejlige at fortælle hvad I syntes om det, både godt og dårligt. Jeg skriver meget sjælendt digte, så konstruktiv kritik er meget velkommen.


1. The Seasons

It was spring when you met her

Her dress seemed very short for the brisk march afternoon

And her long hair was curled and flowing

Your friend introduced you and you felt the first hint of love start blooming inside of you


It was spring when you first slept together

She fucked you mercilessly and you preferred it that way

You weren’t lovers you were simply fucking

She looked so beautiful reaching her orgasm and you fell in love again


It was summer when she first made love to you

She took such good care of you and you were convinced that she loved you too

You stayed the night and she made coffee in the morning

It seemed so easy and you slowly got convinced that loving her was a great idea


It was summer when she first held your hand in public

She rubbed her thumb over your knuckles and you were certain that the sun was shining just for you

A guy on a skateboard told you that you made a great couple

She kissed you and you were convinced that you would love her until the day you died


It was autumn when she told you about her fiancé

She showed you the ring on her finger and told you about the winter wedding she was planning

You didn’t even know that she was seeing anybody

She told you that you could still be friends and you realized that loving her had never been a great idea


It was autumn when you first saw him

She looked so happy on his arm and you couldn’t get yourself to walk over and say hi

You hadn’t even known that she liked men

You heard her tell him that she loved him and you felt your love for her slowly wither


It was winter when you received the wedding invitation

She looked happy on the picture with his arm around her waist and his lips on her cheek

You left it in the sink and drowned it in the wine from yesterday

You thought that your love for her was dead but it turned out that it was only you who were


It was winter when they found your body

You were cold as ice and lying on the white bed sheets that she had bought for you

She attended your funeral and she cried for you

She brushed the snow off your tombstone and told you that she had always loved you

You didn’t care for you were no more

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