After The Fame *One Direction One Shot*


1. One More Time

   Wondering what happened to the boys after all the fame?



  Harry moved back to England and met a girl named Scarlet. They're married and have triplets named Darcy Anne Styles, who is 1, she's the oldest by 10 minuets, Zoe Lynn Styles, who is one and is older than Jason by 5 minuets, and Jason Andrew Styles, who is the youngest by 20 minuets. Harry still keeps in touch with all of the boys and they always hang out. Harry and Scarlet live in a cozy flat in Holmes Chapel, Their home town. Scarlet is pregnant with twins. There names will be Sierra Marie Styles and Louis Jacob Styles. They live happily with their kids and 2 cats named Snowball and Lila.


    Louis moved back to his home town, Doncaster. He met a girl named Eleanor. They're engaged and have a daughter named Emily Rose Tomlinson. Eleanor in 6 weeks pregnant. Louis and El hope it's a boy. If it's a girl, her name will be Anna Jane Tomlinson, if it's a boy, his name will be Tyler James Tomlinson. He still keeps in touch with all of the boys, and his family. They live in a nice flat together.


     Zayn moved back to Bradford and married a girl named Perrie. They have a nice flat near Zayn's family's house so he could visit his mum and sisters. Zayn and Perrie have a son named Joseph Andrew Malik, who is 1, and a daughter named Alexandra Denise Malik who is 6 months old. Zayn and Perrie also have a puppy named Choco. Zayn visits the boys whenever he can.


     Niall moved to England, he lives in Holmes Chapel so he can be closer to the boys. He met a girl named Annabelle. They're married with 3 beautiful children. Harold James Horan, who is 2 years old, Lilac Rose Horan, who is 1, and Jasmine Hope Horan, who is 12 months. Niall and Annabelle live in a big flat with their 2 puppies named Santa and Star, and their kitten named Kayla. Niall visits Harry a lot and he visits the other boys whenever he can, but he calls then very often.


     Liam moved back to Wolver Hampton and married a girl named Danielle. He lives near his parent's house so he can visit them whenever he'd like. He has 2 kids name Lyric Hope Payne, who is 14 months, and Gavin James Payne, who is 1. He visits the boys often. Danielle is 5 months pregnant with a girl. Her name will me Rose Nicole Payne. They have a dog named Wish bone and a kitten named Cinnamon 


They're all happy with their lives even though they all wish that the had the chance to perform at least one more time.........


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