The best Valentine's day of my life

A valentine's day for the 1D and 5SOS contest. This one is based around 5SOS member Ashton Irwin. I have only just gotten in to 5SOS, so apologizes if any information I write is incorrect, but please remember that this is purely fan fiction. This story is about Ashton asking his girlfriend to marry him, follow him on a romantic journey as Ashton takes his girlfriend on a trip down memory lane. This story is going to include (Y/N) (Your name) so everyone can image themselves in the lucky girl's shoes


1. I love you, wil you...?

Your POV

"(Y/N), babe, where are you?" You pushed the tears away and shoved the receipt you had just found, back into Ashton's coat pocket. You had been dancing around to your favourite 5 Seconds Of Summer tune: Heartbreak Girl, when you knocked his coat to the floor, and a receipt came flurrying out. You hadn't mean to, and you were just pick up the coat, and stuff the receipt back into his pocket. But then something caught your eye, you looked at the receipt and your eyes had widened. He had purchased a £50,000 ring, 5 months ago. An undeniable pain filled your chest, as thoughts of him cheating on you filled your mind, but they were soon pushed away with him calling your name.

You straightened yourself out before calling out. "I'm here babe."

Ashton peered around the doorframe, smiling. "There you are, been looking everywhere for you." He walked up to you, nuzzling into your neck. "Happy Valentine's day, I have a surprise day planned for us. So get ready, I'll meet you downstairs in 5."

You nodded as he walked out. 5 minutes, you had 5 minutes to get ready for what ever he had planned. You slapped on some foundation, mascara and lip gloss, before making your way downstairs.

You found Ashton in the car waiting, staring nervously at his hands. "Hey, you alright?" You asked concerned.

"Sure just nervous about how you'll react to the surprise."

"Don't worry, I'm sure I'll love it. How about we get going though so neither of us have to wait." You tried to smile as you kissed his cheek and he nodded.

He started the car and drove of to a bar, it was the place you two had first met. He was with his bandmates, and you had just been dumped. He bought you a drink, and looked after you the whole night, later on you had swapped numbers and the rest they say is history.

You looked at Ashton and he smiled, I thought we could have drink here, the first place we met, and funnily enough nearly 3 year ago."

You smiled, "Sounds like a plan to me."

You both got out and walked in. You close your eyes , it looked just how you remembered it from that night, the same bar-tender was serving as when you had entered on that faithfully day, and the same waitress that had served the boys came walking up to you.

"Hello Ashton, (Y/N), long time since I've seen you here, what can I get you?"

"Two Pineapple and Orange, with Malibu please." Ashton spoke as he lead me to the very table we sat at almost 3 years ago. "May I buy you a drink? Same again?" He asked, and I giggled at him as he quoted the first thing he ever said to you.

You quietly sat drinking our drinks, occasionally talking about the first time we ever met. "Right where to now on your surprise trip?" you asked teasingly.

Ashton smiled, "Not long now, I promise. Just stop off for dinner and then off to the park."

You looked at him cursorily. But followed him out anyways. Before leaving the waitress that served you, gave you a box, and walked away.

Ashton carried on driving to your next destination. While you looked at the box, "This tag say it's from you."

"Well I may have asked for some help on this trip, open it."

You carefully opened it up, and looked inside to find, a bear with a heart, saying 'My heart will always belong to you.'

"Oh Ashton, I love him."

"I'm glad, ready for something to eat?"

You nodded, before looking up, your eyes filling up with tears.

"Our first date." Ashton whispered.

You both ran inside, and sat down at your old table, you enjoyed the same meal, and once again you left with a gift.

"Thank you Ashton, this day has been amazing." Although you were having fun, you couldn't stop yourself thinking about what you found earlier.

"Welcome, but it's not over yet. One more stop to go. What you get this time?"

"As if you didn't know, I got some chocolates."

Ashton smiled as he continued to drive, but it wasn't long before you arrived at the park, you both got out and strolled to the bridge, looking out to the lake.

"Remember this place where I asked you to be my girlfriend?"

You smiled, more happy tears forming.

"But now, I want to add a new memory to this place." He pulled a box out of his pocket and gave it to you. "open it."

You did as you were told, only to see a beautiful diamond ring. You lowed it to long at him to find him on the floor, "(Y/N) Will you marry me, I will love you for infinity."

Tears streamed down your face, as you nodded. Ashton got up and placed the ring over your finger.

"I'm so happy you said yes, I've had that ring for 5 months" He whispered as he hugged you.

5 months? he'd bought that ring for you and now you were revealing in the best Valentine's day of your life.

You smiled as you sealed your day off with kissing your now handsome fiancé.

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