Day in the life shopaholic


1. shop entrance

I opened the pure white door and stepped into my utopia. i could smell the brand new cent flowing across the shop. I felt as though everything was coming to reach me, the shoes were jumping of the shelf's, dancing and prancing, whilst i was being squeezed tightly by the soft wooly jumpers, then the dresses were walking one by one down the isle as though it was a catwalk and they were flaunting off there beautiful bead work and colourful ribbons. Then i new i was at home in this safe atmosphere. The new valentine collection was flooding the shops and the ruby reds and peachy pinks where bursting out at me, i then realised i didn't need a prince charming to come ridding on a horse, releasing his helmet and sweeping his golden brown hair back and fourth because my valentine was less than a meter away showing off its royal red silk. I couldn't help but gaze at it with dreamy wide eyes.

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