She Looks so Perfect

~Simmer Down, Simmer Down
They say we're too young now to amount to anything else,
But look around we look to damn hard for this to just give it up now.
But if you don't swim you'll drown but dont move, Honey~

Catie is a regular girl, shows love for a band, who basically saved her life.
To the point she betrays her mom for love,
Catie is a shy Punk Girl with Big Brown eyes, white skinned, and about 5"6
And I feel you should read this fanfic cuz, why not, I feel I did a pretty damn good job ��


21. Restart?

 Hey guys, i was wondering whoever  following this book, would u be upset if I were to delete the chapters from when they met at her school. because im not sure if I want luke to be like this in the book, I was thinking making this a cute adorable book, and the making a dark luke book? please PLEASE comment down below if u want me to restart or not? 

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