She Looks so Perfect

~Simmer Down, Simmer Down
They say we're too young now to amount to anything else,
But look around we look to damn hard for this to just give it up now.
But if you don't swim you'll drown but dont move, Honey~

Catie is a regular girl, shows love for a band, who basically saved her life.
To the point she betrays her mom for love,
Catie is a shy Punk Girl with Big Brown eyes, white skinned, and about 5"6
And I feel you should read this fanfic cuz, why not, I feel I did a pretty damn good job ��


7. Chapter 6

"WHOS SHE?" Some girl yelled in the crowd, I was frozen. I didn't know what to do, ashton came over to me.

"Whats your name." He whispered, while Luke was stalling I turned to ashton and responded with Catie.

"This is Our Close Friend Catie!" Ashton yelled.

"WHOS close friend?" She questioned and I know what she meant she looked at me like I was a slut.

"OUR." He finished, I just sat there, everyone's eyes are on me and I'm shaking like a chihuahua. Calum and Michael came over and took my hand and walked me off, I felt sick like I was going to throw up, my knees felt like they were going to buckle, and I was going to faint.

"Catie!" Calum caught me as I tumbled down to the ground u could hear a big thud. Then suddenly I heard "CATIE!" From Luke shout into one of the mics, he jumped down the 4 stairs and ran over toward me.

"She is sick or something." Michael said and my vision was fading.

Then luke scooped me up bridal style and brought me to the dressing room.

"Are you ok." His hand was holding my head as his other was holding my hand.

"Yeah, did I tell you I have stage fright." I giggled, and he laughed with me.

"Nice to know." He smiled and I got up, and he helped me onto my feet.

"I'll call someone to pick me up, sorry." I was extremely embarrassed.

"What?" He placed each of his hands on my shoulders, I was a little confused.

"You went through all this trouble to get in, you are, and your leaving?" He pouted and I shrugged my shoulders.

"I don't want to get in the way, all those girls in the crowd DEFINANTLY DONT like me.." I took out my phone and he pushed it away.

"C'mon, Please?" He pouted again, coming close to me.

"I don't know..." I looked at my phone with messages from my brother.

"How about you go on the balcony or on the side of the stage? Please knowing your not here.." And then i cut him off.

"Fine." I gave up.

"Thanks Babe." He smiled giving me a kiss on the cheek.

Luke and I walked out except he went on stage and I went to the Balcony, it was perfect no one noticed me. I watch them start with Dont Stop and then Amnesia, I basically was rocking the whole night. I went downstairs to get closer, but a bunch of girls saw me and ran to me.

"OMG are you dating one of them?"

"When did you meet?"

"Whats their numbers?"

"Follow me on twitter!"

"Who have you kissed?"

"Have you had a 5 way?"

All these girls were attacking me with questions, then luke saw it was toward the end of the show, he couldn't do anything.

"Here, how about we watch this concert." I smiled and me and the girls all danced to she looks so perfect. Then luke came down and grabbed my hand he pulled me close, but he was sweaty, so I pushed him away. Everyone started laughing and he chased me around the stage until he caught me.

In the end I got a text from Jake saying where I was.

I told him I was hanging out with friends and I was with Hunter. He offered to meet her but I said we were at her house having a sleep over. Then when he said ok, who was going to drive me home?

I called hunter in panic and luckily she answered.



"Can you pick me up?"

"From where?"


"CHICAGO!?!" Then she continued "WHY ARE YOU THERE?"

"Im at a concert, I need to get picked up." Then I heared her sigh.

"Fine." Then she hung up, it was an hour later she came and luke walked over to me.

"She's here." I responded not wanting to leave luke. Hunter was walking over until she stopped, and she ran across the street. Did she know where I was?

Then I got a text from her:

"Im having a sleep over with Luke Korns ;)" I rolled my eyes, and Luke smiled.

"Your ride?" He smirked knowing the answer.

"Yea." I rolled my eyes and placed my phone in my pocket.

"Let's go." He took my hand and brought me to where the boys were.

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