She Looks so Perfect

~Simmer Down, Simmer Down
They say we're too young now to amount to anything else,
But look around we look to damn hard for this to just give it up now.
But if you don't swim you'll drown but dont move, Honey~

Catie is a regular girl, shows love for a band, who basically saved her life.
To the point she betrays her mom for love,
Catie is a shy Punk Girl with Big Brown eyes, white skinned, and about 5"6
And I feel you should read this fanfic cuz, why not, I feel I did a pretty damn good job ��


5. Chapter 4

"We will be leaving in 2 hours!" My brother screamed downstairs which made me jump.

I walked to my Closet and Grabbed my 5SOS t-Shirt and my Black bandeau and grabbing my High waisted shorts. I walked into the bathroom, Dutch braiding my hair. Adding Light Makeup on,

And adding Eyeshadow, and stuff like that. I rand downstairs and placed on my black Vans.

I grabbed my Backpack with is black with a silver chain around the top.

"You Ready?" I sat in the kitchen, my brother looked at me surprised, I was right on time.

"Well, Yeah." He responded grabbing the keys. I grabbed an apple, and shut the door behind me.

"Ugh you had to bring food?" He whined and I bite into my apple glaring at him.

"Yes." I laughed continuing to eat the Apple.

It took us about 40 minutes but we finally got to Chicago. Obviously my brother dropped me off in front of forever 21.

"Bye!" I waved and he left. I walked into forever 21 and found a white flower crown, I just had to buy it.. After word I walked to the theater the boys were performing at.

I dropped my bag and looked at the door with this man standing in front.

Shit, I saw the back door, I placed my bag down and ran over to the door.

It was locked, I started pacing, What was I going to do?? I threw my apple at the wall, God Damn, Is their another?

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