She Looks so Perfect

~Simmer Down, Simmer Down
They say we're too young now to amount to anything else,
But look around we look to damn hard for this to just give it up now.
But if you don't swim you'll drown but dont move, Honey~

Catie is a regular girl, shows love for a band, who basically saved her life.
To the point she betrays her mom for love,
Catie is a shy Punk Girl with Big Brown eyes, white skinned, and about 5"6
And I feel you should read this fanfic cuz, why not, I feel I did a pretty damn good job ��


20. Chapter 18

I sat down next to Ashton, I looked straight in front of me to see Luke, Very uncomfortable.

"Here." I slide a glass of water over there way, Acacia smiled and grabbed the water. She took a sip and then made a weird "Ahh" noise at the end.

"How did you know?" She smiled, and I just nodded my head, "I just knew." I smiled and Calum bursted out laughing, I think she got the memo.

"Oh, who is this." The waitress walked over with our food, and placed it down on the table, and she took out her notebook, because apparently Acacia was going to be eating with us now.

"Im his Girlfriend." Acacia responded looking at me, Ashton lifted his arm and placed it on the back of my chair, squeezing my left shoulder. The waitress looked at me and then back at her, she smiled and clicked her pen.

"Its nice to see innocent couples." Then Michael spit tanked his water on Calum and we all tried to hold in our laughter. Doesn't she see that she is sitting on his lap "innocent" is the last thing I think. They were talking to the waitress, and honestly I think I ended up resulting to plan B, be invisible. Then I heard say "We're soo inlove." I gaged and I don't mean, I though about it, I actually did it at the table. But I don't think they actually noticed. Then I felt my eyes to become watery, and I tried so hard to cover it up. I looked up and Michael went "Aww" and Calums Lip Quivered.

"So Luke." Calum turned to Luke who was laughing and pecking lips with Acacia. "Are you.." Calum tried to kinda push Luke in a direction. "No.." Luke smiled and looked at Acacia who grabbed his jacket and tugged him along to the bathroom hallway.

"Im So Sorry." Michael leaned in, and calum got up and sat in lukes chair.

"I honestly want to leave, I just.." Ashton hugged me and all the boys came and Hugged  me, I think Ashton understood and I could feel the eyeliner and mascara all over my face. "Ill be right back." I got up and I saw Michael grab a pair of keys. I made my way to the bathroom, I could feel the tears come out of my eyes, I slammed my body to open the door and grabbed the towels and I was crying, then I heard it. The thumping in the stall.

"LUKE!!" Acacia moaned, I left the bathroom, and ran out.

"Catie don't walk to fast." Michael grabbed my arm, and pulled me into a big hug. "It will get better, hes an Asshole." "I just want to leave." I Told Michael and he nodded, "We're taking lizs Car." WE opened to see a bunch of girls, they all rushed to take pictures Michael mouthed the words "Im Sorry." and I leaned in taking pictures with some girls.

"Whats Wrong, Wheres Luke?" The Girl asked, and I cleared my throat. "Umm, hes with Acacia." I Nodded and added "His girlfriend." I smiled and put on my sunglasses.

"But, you guys are suppose to hook up." The girl whined and I giggled. "Yeah, were just friends." I smiled and waved at everyone goodbye and held hands with Michael as he turned to me. "how are you hanging up?" He asked me and I just shrugged then we saw liz standing by her car. We walked up to her and she opened her arms up and gave me a big hug.

"Ashton called me when you left the restaurant. Im so sorry, I don't know what has come over him, and I don't know why hes hurting you like this. He tells me how he loves you and hes so confused, but I don't know what to believe, im so sorry catie." She wouldn't let go of me, its like everyone knew what was going on except for Luke.

"Is okay Liz." I smiled and pulled out of the hug, and now liz was tearing up. "No it isn't, it isn't okay. I didn't raise him like this, and I don't know but this isn't my Lucas." She cried I looked her in the eyes, "He isnt my Lucas either." I shrugged and smiled and got in her car with Michael. Liz walked away and Michael sat in the seat, but hadn't put the key in.

"Are you sure you want to do this?" Michael asked me and I looked down at my feet. "What do you mean."  asked him and he looked at me. "Its going to be different you know, having to hide you from him."

"I know, but I haven't cried like this ever. I need to get over him but I cant ignore you guys. Who knows the next time im going to see you guys." Michael looked out his window.

"Yeah, its just.. Its going to be weird." I looked down and I looked up at Michael, he just looked at me and I nodded my head.

"I can get my dad to drive me home." I went for the door but Michael grabbed my arm. "Ill take you home." He kept his hand in mine.

"Cant you see how Torn I am? I need to get over luke But I probably wont see you guys until another year or two. I love Luke with all my heart but he hurts me soo much. Im Sorry Michael." Michael put the key in the ignition and put his arm around me.

"I understa.." he got distracted to see running luke by my window.

"When will he stop." I shook my head and he knocked on my window. "Don't do it." Michael turned to me, but I did it anyways.

"What?" I asked Luke, a bunch of the fan came rolling in, listening to everything.

"Can we not talk about this now." I tried to leave but luke stayed right next to the car.

"Im Sorry." Luke looked at me in the eyes.

"What is your problem?" I turned to him. "Excuse me?" He responded

"You smell Acacia, she obviously gave you liquor, it seems your only vocabulary is "Im Sorry." and im freaking done with this, you hurt  me to much. Cant you see that? I want Lucas, the boy who was new to fame, who would do anything to make sure I was okay. Not Luke, who is used to fame and willing to fuck I the Public bathroom."

"I.." I interrupted him, and rolled up my window since he was stepping back. "Its too late." I rolled up the Window all the way and Michael drove into the street. The whole time I was staring out the window while music was playing out the radio.

"Here." he pulled up to my house, and I leaned and grabbed my bag of clothes. I turned to Michael who was already ready for a hug, it kinda made me laugh. I went to kiss his cheek but he turned an we locked lips, he leaned an I fet my head leaning against the window, I felt his tongue enter my mouth, and might've let him. I opened up the car door and left the car.

"I cant." I shrugged and Michael smiled, "I told you it was going to be hard not to fuck you in that dress." as he followed that with a wink. I checked my phone and saw:

(20) missed call from: Lucas <3

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