She Looks so Perfect

~Simmer Down, Simmer Down
They say we're too young now to amount to anything else,
But look around we look to damn hard for this to just give it up now.
But if you don't swim you'll drown but dont move, Honey~

Catie is a regular girl, shows love for a band, who basically saved her life.
To the point she betrays her mom for love,
Catie is a shy Punk Girl with Big Brown eyes, white skinned, and about 5"6
And I feel you should read this fanfic cuz, why not, I feel I did a pretty damn good job ��


19. Chapter 17

"So are we going? I'm kinda Hungry." I walked out of the bathroom, and sat next to Michael, and the guys got all excited.

"Well, its a fancy resturant!" Ashton smirked, then I rolled my eyes.

"How many times do I have to tell you, Mcdonalds doesn't count." I walked up to ashton and pinched his cheeks like I was his grandma.

"Its Not Mcdonalds." Ashton laughed, so did the other boys as Michael came behind me and hugged me.

"Well, were all wearing tuxes, so you need something nice." I got red in the face, and looked at myself.

"Well, theres kinda problem.." The boys looked me up and down, and started to laugh.

"We will stop at a store first, and you left your curler on our bus." Luke added, and left the room.

"So you better pick something good!" Michael winked at me and I began to giggle, Michael says hes a bad flirt but hes really good at it to be honest. 

"Here." Calum handed me my curling iron and couple things I forgot. I turned around but Luke stopped me, and grabbed all the stuff out of my hands, followed me to the bathroom, placed it down on the counter, smiled and left.

"That Idiot.." I laughed and plug my curling wand in, and took my old makeup and started placing it on my face (I forgot it there) I was glad I was still the same skin tone, and I grabbed my phone, and started scrolling on instagram. Then I realized I was tagged on a lot of pictures. I looked and it turns out people took pictures of me and the boys recently, I was laughing at the comments saying things like:






But, then there were other ones that didn't make me laugh like:

"She left him, like why is she back."

"I never liked her."

"He was happy when she left, now hes happy and she decides to come back, slut."

The last comment I decided to comment on.

"Can you please look at the picture you used for this, its them SURPRISING me at MY SCHOOL! im sorry, I had no part of them coming to visit me, and I think you should realize that."

I screen shotted it just for my sake. I finished curling my hair but being on instagram I didn't realize that the bus has stopped. I walked out of the room and saw the boys sitting on the couch, and looking at me.

"Lets go." I said and walked out the door and they all followed. We went to a couple stores I cant count how many times the boys tried on Bras. We bought a lot of stuff including video games, a big Pikachu beanbag chair, new xbox controllers one for each of us. We also bought a bunch of 5sos merch, they made me go up an pay for it just so they wouldnt be judged. Then we stopped at this store, I cant recall the name, but I tried on a bunch of dresses, I wouldn't let them see it until we get back to the bus, the whined soo much and it annoyed me sort of. Until, I tried on the right dress, like I loved it soo much, and I guess after luke left, I spent most of my time in big t-shirts I completely forgot my figure shape, I kinda gasped.

"ARE YOU OKAY?" Ashton yelled.

"CAN YU BREATHE??" Calum screamed.

"Shut up guys!" I laughed.

"LET US SEE THE DRESS!" Luke whined, and Michael began to bang on the door, I quickly got out of the dress and put my clothes back on. It was really quiet, all I heard was whispers, I gathered up all the dresses and placed the one I wanted in the middle.

"Fuck!" I turned around and looked down to see Michael slid his head under the door of my changing room.

"What the Hell!" I screamed all the boys laughed and asked "DID YOU SEE THE DRESS?"

"No!" I yelled an all the boys sighed, I opened the door and stepped over Michael, taking my wallet out and realizing I spent all my money on the other stuff we got.

"Here." Luke handed me $20 dollars, and Michael gave me a penny to apologize. I secretly gave the lady the other dresses and ran to the cashier, I gave her my dress, and paid. It was 19.85 and I told her to keep the penny.

"This is a pretty dress, and very sexy. Going on a date?" She smirked.

"No I.." Then Luke walked up and interrupted me, "Its me." He smiled wrapping his arm around me, it think she recognized me with luke now, she just stood there with the bag in her hands.

"And me." Calum walked up.

"And me." Ashton smiled and giggled.

"Shes my mommy." Michael kissed my cheek and then grabbed my bag.

"MICHAEL!" I screamed and the boys started running, I finally got close enough to Michael so I tackled him and grabbed my back and we ran all the way back to the bus.

"Damn, well im hungry now." Calum panted.

"Catie, please don't take an hour to get ready.." Michael pouted, I just rolled my eyes and walked into the bathroom. I finished my makeup and placed the dress on with some complement jewelry, I also placed converse on my feet (I didn't want to wear high heels) and looked at myself in the mirror, for the first time in a long time. I honestly felt pretty, and confident about myself. I actually started to smile at my appearance and walked out the door.

"Woah." all the boys said it became all silent, until it got really awkward.

"Catie is sexy as fuck." Calum looked me up and down.

"Its going to be hard not to fuck you." Michael bite his lip, and Liz walked in.

"MICHAEL CLIFFORD SHE IS A LADY YOU DONT TREAT A LADY LIKE THAT!" She yelled and I began to laugh really hard.

"Get together for a Picture!" Liz smiled taking out her phone and camera. We gathered up with me in the middle and smiled, we posed for a ton of pictures, we all gave her our phones so se could take pictures on there.

"Okay, now Just Luke and Catie." Liz moved her hands in a motion, left and right so then the boys stood behind Liz. Ashton turned to her, "They are kind of going through a tough..." Liz interrupted him, "Nonsense this is Catie, she will be my daughter in law no matter what, it doesn't matter." all of there eyes grew wide open, they tried so hard not to laugh and so was I.

"You guys look so awkward, move close together, luke I know you and catie were in a bed together, you cant hide things from me, so go over and put your arm around her!" Liz instructed and we listened to her.

"Okay, that's enough, bye mom, love you!" Luke ran over holding my hand, kissed his mom on the forehead and he pulled me out the bus as I waved liz goodbye.

We walked into the resturaunt, and sat down on the waiting chairs as Ashton walked up.

"You look breathtaking." Luke whispered in my ear, my face became warm, I could feel me blushing.

"CATIE!" 2 teenage girls ran up to me, I smiled and Michael and calum looked at me, impressed, luke wasn't really paying attention.

"Can you take a picture with me???" Both of the girls asked taking out there phones and I nodded yes, I knelt down because they were shorter then me, and I smiled, for one, and stuck out my tongue and scrunched my face, kinda like a rocker, for the other one. Then the girls turned around to see luke smiling at the fact we were taking pictures and they squealed. "Can we each take a picture with you and catie together?" The girls freaked out and we said yes, both of the pictures were really funny, one me and the brunette were fangirling that luke was with us and he was smiling, and the blonde girl, me and luke are on opposite side of her and we're both kissing her cheek.

"And can you please take a picture with us and the boys?" I happily said yes, and the we got called to our table. We followed the waitress to the table, and we told calum she was hot, he turned around asking for her  umber not realizing that we were lying and he turned around saying "Babe, I think I lost you in my contacts, can I have your number." he saw a 40 year old women seating us. we all tried to hold our laughs as the lady lifted her hand and swung it across calums face. We all sat down and brought up our menus. Ashton sat next to me, and luke sat across from me. We cracked a few jokes, we all got drinks, I got tea. Im not old enough to drink, and luke got water because he "Thought it was fancy" We all were sitting there and my phone was getting notifications like crazy. I checked the recent one, it was the blonde girl that we saw here, who posted the picture of her with me and luke. The caption said "Just recently adopted, I love my Mommy and Daddy!" I giggle and looked up to see luke staring at me, I took out my phone and showed him the picture. He looked at it for a while and smiled, and gave my phone back. I was scolling through the pictures people posted of us at the restaurant and I ordered some lemon pasta (I got what ashton got.) And I saw luke texting under the table.

"Catie!" Calum raised his voice and I snapped out of thought, I just looked at him "Huh?" and calum rolled his eyes and Michael made a heart sign to me and pointed at luke.

"How was your dads birthday dinner?" Calum asked me, and I laughed.

"It was good, we ate at a hooters, um and he told me he saw me on facebook, and knew I wasn't at hunters. And told me how come I didn't tell him about Luke." I blushed and lukes head shot up and he placedhis phone on the table.

"DAMN!" Michael yelled and people stared at us, "Shh" I old Michael and he laughed.

"What happened after that?" Luke asked, and all the boys were leaning in.

"Well, he knew I was video chatting you, and he said he liked you." "Liked?" Luke questioned. "Yeah." I looked down, and frowned. "Until, you stopped video chatting or even texting me." I looked back up and Luke held out his hand.

"Im truly Sorry." His eyes started to water up and I looked at his phone screen which was on. It showed Acacia as the contact name, and it said:

Luke: We need to talk later..

Acacia: Is something wrong

Luke: I don't want to do it through text

Acacia: Caties Back?

Luke: We need to talk.. Read at 6:56pm

I feel sort of bad, she could be a nice girl, she could be hurt like I was by luke. But, yet when I looked at luke, he looked so happy, he never did with her.

"I need to go use the bathroom." I got up and walked into the bathroom, and then a bunch of girls screamed.

"CATIE!" They all took out there phones, and began to take pictures with me. I took all of their pictures and signed everything they wanted. It felt like forever, but not in a bad way, It was amazing all of the girls were really nice. I finally was left in the bathroom alone, and redid my makeup, and looked at all the pictures that were posted of me and the girls in the bathroom. I made my way out of the bathroom and then I saw a girl at the table, it was Acacia. I stood there, the fact also that she was all over Luke and was dressed very poorly. My instinct was to Run up to her and hit her, my other one was to sit down and act invisible, not to talk. But, instead I turned the corner and went for the door. There was a big man standing by the door, I avoided hi and right when I opened up the door, I noticed a bunch of teenagers blocking it.

"Catie!" a Girl Screamed and then all of them turned around.

"CATIE!!" I shut the door and I turned to see the table all of the guys were looking at me, and Ashton got up, and started to walk over.

"Catie, we didn't know she was coming." Ashton guided me to the table.

"I don't want to be here." I told Ashton, he pulled me even more.

"Shes going to be leaving luke is going to talk to her." Ashton walked me over to the table, luke looked very uncomfortable, well i would if my girlfriend was literally riding my dick on the table.

"This is Catie." Luke told Acacia, She laughed.


Oh, Im done with this bitch.




Also, tell me if you guys like my book, i honestlyhave no idea, and i feel sortawkward oops.. Also, any ideas on catie and luke nd what want to happen? im open to ideas, ILYSM <3

Also, have  surprise for you guys :)) hope it goes well :)

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