She Looks so Perfect

~Simmer Down, Simmer Down
They say we're too young now to amount to anything else,
But look around we look to damn hard for this to just give it up now.
But if you don't swim you'll drown but dont move, Honey~

Catie is a regular girl, shows love for a band, who basically saved her life.
To the point she betrays her mom for love,
Catie is a shy Punk Girl with Big Brown eyes, white skinned, and about 5"6
And I feel you should read this fanfic cuz, why not, I feel I did a pretty damn good job ��


18. Chapter 16

"Oh." Luke covered his face, and then caught up to me again. 

"Did you think I wasn't going to find out?" I questioned him, my head was pounding and I felt like I wanted to cry. But, yet the other part of me was Frustrated and I just wanted to punch him. And I cant deny maybe the 10% of me wanted to kiss him. He was pacing back and forth rubbing his fingers through his hair and then rubbing the stubble on his face. He leaned onto the locker and grabbed my arm, he gave me a sad look, his pouting lip.

"Well I'm sorry to disappoint you big shot, but i know and the only reason I'm still coming is for Michael, Ashton, and Calum. They're my best friends and now so are you, So your going to have to Fucking deal with it, because i know I'm going to have to adjust." I opened the office door, Luke called for me but i ignored him. "Kitty, your crying." Ashton pulled me into a hug, and I hugged him back. 

"That's what I needed, Thanks." I smiled and then the 4 of us walked out the door, I saw Luke with his head on the door, and he turned and his face was red, i ignored eye contact and kept walking, I'm just too crushed to look at him. Michael and Calum continued walking with me and Ashton ran to Luke.

"You Okay?" Michael asked me, he walked right in front of my and placed both of his hands on my shoulders, looking into his warm gaze, I cried. Like, a baby. I don't know like i try to be strong, but its Luke. Just with him, I guess because I cared so much, I just become weak. Michael could tell I was in a very upsetting situation till Calum and Michael exchanged glances and both picked me up Michael lifted me on his shoulders and Calum grabbing my arms placing them on his shoulders so I could see him.

"How's the weather up there?" Calum asked me, he's such an idiot, but that's why I love him.

"Pretty Cold." I responded and right away Calum came with a comeback.

"Well, I would say hold onto Michaels hair, but he doesn't really have much." That's when I was crying, but most of it was because I couldn't stop laughing. Until, I became really light headed, I started to become dizzy.

"DONT DIE ON ME! DOCTOR CLIFFORD WE ARE LOSING ARE MOST VALUABLE PATIENT!" Calum screamed, that's when Michael picked up the pace and placed me down on a bench.

"Now.." Michael and Calum sat on both sides of me, I placed my head in my hands and started pouring tears. I could tell they were exchanging glances and giving me awkward pats on the back.

"What's wrong?" Calm asked me, lifting up my face from my hands, which had a lot of makeup all over.

"Cut the act guys.." I got up, and tried to not think about it, I just didn't want to talk about it. But, I really had to.

"What?" Michael walked up placing the back of his hand feeling my forehead, like I was sick, but I wasn't.

"Luke, and Acacia." The boys became wide in the eyes, they looked scared. when I saw them, its like they felt my pain. Ashton came running around the corner, with Luke. But, Luke looked beaten down, I didn't know what to do. He was red in the face and obviously crying his heart out. He walked up and just stared at me, with his blood shot, dry eyes. We were walking and Ashton my hand to lead us to the tour bus, till he leaned in and whispered "We will talk later babe, stay strong." That's when he squeezed my hand, and that's when Luke walked in front of us, smiling..

"So, guess where we are taking you!" Luke asked me and I just shook my head back and forth, and he looked at the boys.

"We are taking you to a fancy restaurant!" He said smiling really big, and I just giggle, but that seemed to have broken him. He just turned and excused himself, and ran into the tour bus. We all walked in, kind of silent, I just sat down, realizing that I haven't been here since when me and Luke had to rush to Hunters house, and the couch, and the table, and when I slept in his bed. So many memories came in, I didn't know how to feel, I walked into the bathroom, and shut the door along with locking it. I saw the bathtub and just placed my back against it like a back rest, when I was sitting on the floor. I began to cry a lot, I don't know why this was hitting me so bad, I mean we were texting and skyping, he led me to believe that he really liked me and I didn't know how to feel at this moment, just disappointed. That's when I heard a knock at the door, and I unlocked it, I didn't really care who was going to walk in at this moment.

"Kitty." Ashton came rushing in with a big hug, just the person I wanted to see. He just held me for the longest time, I cried in his shoulder.

"It hurts..." I muttered and I'm guessing he knew what I said, because he held onto me tighter. Then he lifted my head, revealing my sad face.

"Let it out, but not what happened, I know." I was a little confused at what he meant, I think he got the idea and continued "Tell me how you feel, with what is going on."
"Well, I wish I never saw that stupid picture." I told Ashton, I could feel my stomach caving in and a sharp pain followed it also. But, I still stood up and balanced myself on the sink and continued.

"Kitty, its okay, its good you saw the picture. I mean we tried to convince Luke not to get involved with her." Involved? Just hearing that word makes me feel sick, like I'm going to throw up, I just don't like this. "He does love you, its obvious, maybe because he was lonely."

"He was Lonely! He didn't respond to my Texts and video calls for 2 months, And I STILL LOVE HIM! He was out with Some other Girl! AND I WAS JUST WAITING FOR HIM! I TRUSTED HIM!" I yelled at Ashton who just nodded his head agreeing with me.

"It kills me, Ashton... It kills me.." Ashton got up and wrapped his arms around me, and I was shaking, but now because I was cold. I don't even know why I was shaking I just was, I was shivering all up my spine and fingers.

"He loves you, he doesn't love her." He whispered in my ear, but it was hard to believe, she was way Prettier and had more in common.

"We told him not to, we told him we were going to see you. That it was going to hurt you, and that it was his problem. She brings out the bad in him, and he hasn't been the same Luke. She's bad news, and she was our friend and now we don't even like her anymore. Kitty, just take a deep breath." Ashton continued to whisper as he rubbed my back. and holding me and a tight grip. Then Ashton sat me down and left the bathroom and I over heard Luke singing, a familiar song I knew.

~~You've taken me to the top,
 And let me fall back south
 You've had me at the top of the pile,
 And then had me kissing the ground
 We've heard and seen it all,
 No one's talked us out,
 The problems that have come
 Haven't yet torn us down.~~
He sang as he sat down by more door, then I decided to sing

~~Am I keeping you awake,
 If I am then just say,
 You can make your own decisions,
 You can make your own mistakes,
I'll live and let die
 All the promises you made,
 But if you lie another time,
 It'll be a lie that's too late.

 That night I slept,
 On your side of the bed so,
 It was ready when you got home,
 We're like noughts and crosses in that
 Opposites always attract.

 And you always have your way,
 For now it's too soon for you to say,
 Will we be always, always?~~
Then Luke stopped singing so it was just me, I didn't realize it until the last line.

 ~~You had your way~~

"Catie." Luke looked through the crack of my door, and I just looked at him with us both tearing up again, I just turned around and responded "Hemmings." And slammed the door behind me trying to control myself, and turning on my phone, deleting the picture of Acacia and Luke.


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