Everything About You

Sydney has dealt with the worst and when she finally leaves her terrible home with her horrible step-dad she is free and she meets an Irish boy named Niall Maybe things will finally get better for her. Or not


4. Tour

Sydney's pov:

I wake up to alarms to get ready for the tour. I go in the bathroom and I start to take a shower. As I'm in the shower I see Niall walk in. I forgot to lock the door. "Sorry." he smiles and walks out. That was embarrassing. I just try to forget that happened so I do my hair and put on my make up. I pack a lot of clothes and shoes I got shopping with Perrie. I put on yoga pants and a sweatshirt because it's a long flight to America. I put on my moccasins and make sure to grab my passport. I walk down stairs and I see Niall.

"Hello beautiful."

"Are you kidding me I'm in sweatpants and a sweatshirt.

"You look beautiful everyday." I blush and smile. I walk to the living and I see all the boys all ready to go. I go to the kitchen and make Niall a quick sandwich because I know he will be hungry on the flight. We get to the airport and see lots of paparazzi taking loads of pictures of the boys and Niall and I. We get threw security. As we wait for our plane I walk to a store and buy some junk food and a magazine for the ride. I walk back and our flight gets called and I sit next to Niall on the plane. I read a little of my magazine then I put my head on his shoulder and I fall asleep.



Niall's pov:

I watch her sleep so peacefully. She is so beautiful. I saw she made me a sandwich and bought junk food for me because she knows I love to snack on long rides. I ate a lot and I look at my phone a new update on a news website so I look at it. I look it's pictures of the boys walking in the airport then I see the last one a picture of Sydney and I holding hands. Ugh great now Sydney is going to get hate. I'm worried. I look at the caption under the picture it says: Niall and a new mystery girl. Well mystery's out her name is Sydney and we found out they are a new couple so sorry directioners Nialler is off the market. Great I don't even want to read the comments I really don't want to feel bad. I shut off my phone and decide to forget about it for a while and get some sleep.


I wake up and hear the pilot say that were almost there. I grab some food out of her bag and eat I was so hungry. She was still sleeping so I wake her up. "Wake up princess were here."

"Thanks for the sweet wake up call. I lean in and give her a short kiss. After the flight we drive to the studio. Tomorrow was a conference before the tour starts. We sing and go over the schedule for tomorrow. After that we walk to our rooms.

"Boys I'm going strait to bed." She said with a yawn.

"Goodnight love." Louie, Harry, Liam and Zayn say.

"Goodnight boys." she says back I walk her to my room and she changes into pajamas and so do I. Then she hops into bed and I follow.

"Goodnight babe." I say

"Goodnight love" She says back. She falls asleep in my arms then I fall asleep. 

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