Everything About You

Sydney has dealt with the worst and when she finally leaves her terrible home with her horrible step-dad she is free and she meets an Irish boy named Niall Maybe things will finally get better for her. Or not


2. Meeting the boys

Sydney's pov:

I woke after about 3 hours. I take of Niall's shirt and put on my clothes on. I check the clock it's 3:30pm. I walk down stairs the boys are still playing video games. Niall looks so cute. I look a littler more and I don't see Harry. I wonder where he is, so I slip by the door so I can look for Harry. I walk and I try to find the kitchen. I find it and I walk and she Harry on the phone.


Harry's pov:

I see Sydney walk in. I turn around, I'm on the phone with my girl friend Jordyn. She's just screaming at me through the phone. Soon she starts to cry and is still kinda yelling and she soon says were done and hung up. I tear up a little but Sydney doesn't see.

"What's wrong?".

"Nothing." She knows there something wrong though.

"So um how was your nap?" I try to change the subject.

"Fine. I know there's something wrong can you tell me I feel bad."

"Okay I'll make you a deal, you tell me why you have so many bruises and I'll tell you what happened on the phone."

"Um alright deal. Okay I was living with my step-dad Michael because my mum died and he gave me all these bruises and every time someone asked me I always had to say I'm in tons of sports otherwise he would whip me with his belt even more. I once broke a picture frame while I was cleaning and he whipped me with his belt, smacked me across the face and locked me in my room for two days. Today I finally got the courage to leave and he was a runner so he almost caught me, but I got away running into a store and that's when Niall found me." She said with slow tears going down her face then wiped them away. "Now you have to tell me."

"Alright... I was on the phone with my girl friend and we were having huge fight like we always do. She always starts fights with me. I don't understand why we were even dating. Then before I ended the call she started crying and said we done. That's what happened." My story wasn't even half as bad as hers. I could tell in her big blue eyes she felt bad. She stood up then I did she walked towards me and gave me a hug. She let go and said "Everything will be okay in the end, if its not okay it's not the end." She smiles at me and walks out.



Niall's pov:

I see Sydney walk in with Harry looking like they both were crying. Then she comes and sits by me. "How was your nap." I ask.

"Great I feel a lot better now thanks for asking."

"Sydney can I call you Syd?" asked Louie.

"Sure my best friend calls me that." She says.

"Okay Syd where are you from?"
"I'm from around here my mom married and then got divorced to a guy named Henry. Then she got remarried to a guy named Michael. He is now my step-dad. They were married for about three years then she died in a car accident. So I currently live with him..."She says. I see her start to shake.

" Are you okay?" I ask

"I'm fine will you excuse me for a second." She walks out and I follow.


Sydney's pov:

I don't know what happened to me. I guess I'm still scared of him even though he won't find me. I stand in the kitchen with a cup of water and I'm still shaking so I sit down. Then I see Niall walk in.

"You alright?"

I have some tears in my eyes. "Nothing I'm fine."

"Okay I know tour not "fine" okay I just want to know why your so scared and get so shaking talking about Michael. Can you tell me what happened. You can trust me."

"If you promise not to tell I don't want the other boys to know just yet. Him he hits me beats me when I don't even do anything and most of the time he's drunk and so he's even more violent. That's why I have all these bruises and that's why I get so shaky when I talk about him. I'm just always afraid he's gonna find me." I start to cry a lot more. Then he pulls me out of the chair and gives me the most comforting hug ever I don't want to let go. We stand there for a while. While we hug he puts his hand threw my hair and saying.

"It's okay it's alright he won't find you I will protect you with everything I got." I start to cry even more because that's the sweetest thing a boy has ever said to me.


Niall's pov:


I never want tot let go of her. She is still crying. I think I really like her. She is so sweet and pretty. I don't want this moment to end. When we finally let go I walk her to my room and we lay on my bed and just talk the rest of the night. She falls asleep with her head on my chest. Then I slowly drift off......

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