Everything About You

Sydney has dealt with the worst and when she finally leaves her terrible home with her horrible step-dad she is free and she meets an Irish boy named Niall Maybe things will finally get better for her. Or not


5. Conference

Louie's pov:

I wake up right away to get ready for the conference. I get dressed and I go to all the lads rooms except for Niall's I get them up and we walk to Niall's room. Niall and Sydney are still sleeping so the boys go on the bed and jump up and down and shout "GET UP GET UP IT'S TIME TO GET UP. GET UPPPPPPPPP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" They both opened there eyes and they looked mad so the lads and I ran out as fast as possible.


Sydney's pov:

Well that was some wake up call from the boys. I could tell Niall was mad. I get up and take a shower and then i dried my hair. I curled it today because I'm going to be on the side during the conference and I wanted to look good. I also put on a dress wow I never wear dresses. After I got getting ready I walk in and see Niall in his crazy mofos shirt on and I smile. I love that shirt on him. We walk out of his room and see the boys all ready to go eat breakfast we have to stop somewhere because we wont have enough time to go out and have a sit down meal. We end up stopping at McDonald's and I got just a coffee while the boys pig out on pancakes and mcgriddles. When we get there I'm automatically pulled away from Niall so people can do his make up and fix his hair. After about an hour the conference is about to start so Niall walks up to me kisses me and whispers in my my ear

"There going to ask about you because of pictures they got of us at the airport do you want me to say it's true or not?"

"Do you want to?"

"I would love I would shout it on top of a mountain for the whole world to hear but only if its okay with you."

"Ya it's fine with me."

"Great." He says and gives me one last kiss and walks on stage with the boys. The boys get asked a bunch of questions about the tour until one reporter

"Niall I have heard rumors about you with a girl at the airport coming her are the dating rumors true?"Niall looks at me and I nod my head.

"Yes they are true I'm madly in love with her I can't imagine life without her." He says with a huge smile. "And actually she's backstage right now." My mouth drops wide open. Then I soon hear the reporters chant "Bring her out, Bring her out."

"Alright I'll go get her." He runs off stage and grabs my arm.

"No Niall they don't need to see me."

"Oh my god Niall I thought you were just going to say something not take me out here." He just smiled and looked at me then to the reporters.

" This is Sydney my new girl friend and yes it's true." he kisses me on the check and I walk off the stage. The reporters say aww. Then went on with the rest of the conference. I can't believe he did that, but he is to cute to get mad at. I watch from the side till it ended. The boys walk off and I walk strait up to Niall.

"I can't believe you brought me out there."

"I know so can't I." He laughs. It's late now the conference lasted for a while even though it didn't seem long at all. We all get in the van and go back to the hotel. I walk to Niall and my room I was so tired and so was Niall. We just lay on the bed talking about the conference and all the things that the lads said. We both couldn't stop laughing. We laughed until we fell sleep.

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