Everything About You

Sydney has dealt with the worst and when she finally leaves her terrible home with her horrible step-dad she is free and she meets an Irish boy named Niall Maybe things will finally get better for her. Or not


3. A day with the boys

Niall's pov:

The next morning we woke up next to each other and we just laid there not wanting to move. We laid there for about ten minutes because we were hungry specially me.


Sydney's pov:
I had a great night with Niall, we both didn't want to move. When we got up and walked to the kitchen no one was up yet. I looked in the pantry and grabbed the pancake mix and started up the pan.

"You can make pancakes?!?!?" Niall asked look in really happy.

"Yes and I think I'm pretty good at making them."

His smile got bigger. I finish making six pancakes.

"How many do you want." I asked him.

He looks at me with a smirk "SIX!". I look at him with a strait face.

"Ugh fine." He smiles i hand him the plate of pancakes. I continue making pancakes when the rest of the boys come into the kitchen. 

"I smell pancakes!" yelled Harry.

"Yum I'm hungry keep the pancakes coming." said Louie.

"Alright I'll make you all some.". Ugh that means I have to wait and eat. Whatever I'm making food for my new favorite guys. I ended up making 30 pancakes and only eating two of them because they took the rest.

"Your my favorite now." Louie said laughing.

"Thanks I try." I say laughing back. As we eat we all just talk and laugh a lot. I heard a bunch of stories from Louie getting thrown out the house window in the snow to food fights. Then after Harry finished another story Louie grabbed one of his pancakes covered in syrup and throws it at Niall. Niall peels it off his face and grabs on of the syrup bottles and squirts it in Louie and Harry's face which started a war between all of us. I grabbed a another syrup bottle and put a lot in my hands and rubbed it all over Niall's face. He smiled and started chasing me with a syrup bottle and a whipped cream can. He caught me in a corner and squirted the syrup all in my face. I wiped some off my face. We laughed and then he leaned in and kissed me it was a long soft kiss. When he leaned back I smiled and grabbed the whip cream can out of his hands and sprayed a bunch in his face. He licked his lips and he takes a bunch off his face and shoves it in mine. When were all out of syrup, whip cream, and pancakes to throw we stood in the kitchen laughing while we cleaned up. It was the greatest moment of my life. I kept thinking how Niall kissed me. It was amazing.


Niall's pov:

It felt right to kiss Sydney it didn't feel like any other girl. It was perfect. Sydney and I left the kitchen and she went to go take a shower to get all the syrup out of her hair. I walk past the door and hear her singing. I stand by the door smiling with my head against the outline of the door. She actually really good. I stand there until she's done.

"What is it Niall?"

"Nothing." I'm still smiling.

"Seriously what is it."

"Nothing." I say again.

"Okay whatever. She says and walks to my room. I take my shower and change. I walk down stairs to see the boys and Sydney talking when I get a text from management. It says we leave tomorrow for tour.

"Boys I guess were leaving tomorrow for tour."

"What?!?!?!?" They all said

"Why did they tell this late gosh this makes me mad. I hate them sometimes." said Liam.

"Well Syd would you like to come with us on tour?" asked Louie.

"Um sure but I don't have much clothes I was hoping to shopping." Right after she said that Perrie walked in.


Sydney's pov:

I look at Perrie she so pretty.

"Hey babe." Zayn says to her.

"Perrie this is Sydney." said Harry



"Perrie babe do you mind taking Syd out shopping she needs some more clothes?" asked Zayn

"Ya sure and Sydney nice to meet you we can leave in a couple of minutes." she said.

"Okay I'll go get my money." I say to her. I grab my money out of my bag and meet Perrie by the door. We go shopping for about three hours and I bought a lot of clothes. We get back and see all the boys.

"Go get her tiger." Louie says to Niall. Niall gets up hugs me and walks me to his room.

"Sydney will you be my girl friend?"

I'm shocked. "Yes!" I say with a smile we have a long kiss and we go sit by the boys and Perrie. We talk for hours. It's late now so Niall and I say goodnight to the rest of the boys and Perrie. I put on my new pajamas but I think Niall wanted me to wear his shirt so I put one on and my pajama pants. I go in his bed and he follows. We cuddle and fall asleep.

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