[Luke J.R's] Design Your Profile! [2014]

[Design Your Avatar!] I've been working on this design for over 2 weeks! So if this doesn't look good in your eyes, maybe you have had too much coffee :3


1. [Design] By Luke J.R [2014]

Hello Fans, Hello Movella Community! (I've been working on this for 1-2 weeks!)

My design is not 100%, YES I WANT THIS! No... I'd just like to see some elements taken from my design, added into the Movella's Profile Layout. I need to see some of these features in Movellas. I mean, it's an idea, an expression that will keep everything fresh for 2014. 

Please don't be too harsh on the design, I did my best. It's been a rough week for me. And I don't doubt anyone else having a rough week, so please... Have a heart x

- Luke J.R - (Leave a Like if you like this design, Leave a comment too.)

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