Oh Brother

17 year old Olivia is crushed when her favorite band One Direction retired early. But some great news changes everything


2. moving in

Olivia POV

After the amazing time at the cottage the boys moved in my room had three sets of bunk beds. They had to be my roommates cause we lived in a two bedroom house. Luckily my room was already huge. Since my birthday was labour day weekend I had to go to school. I sucked I had one direction in my house and I couldn't see them. My alarm clock went off and scared the guys cause it was there song.

Zayn's POV

After Olivia left we got bored. REALLY bored. So we decide it would be a great idea to go to the mall with sing laces and hats on. When we got there it was crowded cause of a huge sale so about a million high school girls ditched school. So we if course stayed low but Louis tripped it the cafeteria taking Niall and Harry down with him witch of course knocked off there sing laces and hats so we ran into the nearest store and the owner locked it for us. So I had no choice but to text Olivia.

Olivia POV

Ok so I'm in class and I got a text from Zayn saying "SOS in the mall trapped by girls" so I had to get out so I told my teacher my gramma croaked and I needed to go. She let me out and I drove to the mall in a hurry. When I got there I could not get through the crowd so I texted Harry I was here but I can't get in so he said pretend to have a heart attack. So I screamed bloody murder and fell to the ground as if I had a heart attack and all the attention was turned to me and they snuck out the back. When I got I said false alarm and ran into my car where they were waiting.

Liam's POV

Ok so maybe the mall was not the best idea in the world but trust me we've had worse. When Olivia got in the car she laughed so hard. We thought she'd be mad but she said it was the funnest day ever and she got to skip school. So we were not in trouble thank god.


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