Oh Brother

17 year old Olivia is crushed when her favorite band One Direction retired early. But some great news changes everything


1. family reunion

Olivia POV

My 17th birthday and I have to go to a stupid family reunion. I was already bummed out cause my absolute favorite band One Direction retired early and they were moving in with nialls cousin what a lucky family. When we were FINALY there after 4 hours of driving I walked in the drive way of my uncles cottage it was so boring there but my dad said he had a huge surprise for me and would "die" of excitement. But I was sure it was going to be stupid like a new board game or something. "Olivia come meet your surprise" he called but when I came I was face to face with all the members of One Direction. I screamed my head off and hugged them all and my dad said "Olivia meet your new brothers".

I could not believe it!!!! One Direction is going to be my brothers. I was Nialls cousin! But we only have two rooms I said and that's how I found out I was gonna have five new roommates. I have never been happier in my life.

Nialls POV

My new cousin was amazing. After she processed it all we all started talking and she is hilarious. She was still so star struck she could barely talk. I felt so bad but it was kinda funny. Especially when she asked Zayn to go swimming but the covers her mouth in disbelief on what she just said. And when we came out in are swim suites she nearly fainted.


Sorry It was short new chapter soon

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