Weird to Memorable

{One Shot Competition Entry}
{Valentine's Day Competition Entry}
A certain Valentine's that started off weird but ended memorable.
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1. Weird to Memorable

Imagine sitting on your front porch in the light evening breeze, wearing your old sweats and dad’s tee. Your hair is a mess and pretty much looks like a bird’s nest, minus actual leaves and twigs. No makeup hides your face and your weary eyes hold dark circles underneath them. You pretty much look like a zombie that has just found its way out of the trash. In your hands there is hot steaming bowl of noodles and you’re slurping away. That’s the exact situation I was in right now. You might not think it’s such as bad thing. It is a normal day after all, right? No! It was Valentine’s Day and here is me dressed up like a homeless person!

I could have been in a seducing, expensive dress with my handsome, hunk of a boyfriend, Louis. We’d be eating a lavish candle lit dinner under that stars. We both could have been sitting under the moonlight, looking into each other’s eyes as we exchanged soft kisses, but no. Louis was too busy to spend time with his girlfriend on Valentine’s Day. For God’s sake, did he not understand the meaning of Valentine’s Day?!

I looked ahead of me and stared at the empty road. Maybe he really did forget it was Valentine’s Day. I sighed as I twizzled the noodles around my fork and popped it in mouth.  Half of a noodle string was hanging out, so I sucked it in, sliding it past my closed lips. Licking the flavour off of my lips, I tucked in once more for another fork full. Just as the noodle filled fork entered my mouth, a black BMW pulled up in front of my house. I stared at it in gaze, not bothering to chew or swallow. Bit of noodles were stuck in my teeth and the majority of it hung out of my mouth.

I stared at the BMW until the driver’s door opened and out stepped a tall lean figure. Whoever it was had nice fancy shoes and iron creased trousers and a tailored black suit jacket and red tie. To finish it all off there was a red rose tucked neatly in his pocket. Whoever this man was, knew how to look presentable to his woman on Valentine’s Day. My eyes travelled upwards to the persons face. That’s when I froze. It was… Louis! Oh my! I wasn’t ready, I had no makeup, and my hair was a mess. I wasn’t even wearing anything nice! My head felt like exploding.  Perfect timing Lou; perfect timing, I thought sarcastically. I quickly sucked in and swallowed the remaining noodles and put the bowl down, my hands automatically raking through my hair attempting to tame it. Epic fail.

“Err hey, L-l” I started to greet him but got cut off by heavy hands gripping my waist and lifting me up. H slung me over his shoulder, causing me to yelp in surprise. “Ah! Lou! Put. Me. Down. Now!” I yelled slamming on his toned back. No matter how hard I hit, it didn’t seem to have any effect on him. Louis just continued walking, bobbing me up and down on his shoulder. It wasn’t long before my hands hurt from hitting his back and gave up just letting my hands dangle. I felt Louis chuckled and shake his head.

“Calm down, El.” He soothed. “I don’t feel a thing, so stop hurting yourself, princess.” He laughed. I rolled my eyes and put my chin in my hands, sighing deliberately. I continued to bounce up and down on his shoulder, until he finally reached the passenger side of the car, opened the door and placed me down. I watched astonished as Lou casually walked around to the driver’s seat and winked at me before closing the door behind him. “You know princess, as sexy as you looked with your jaw open and noodles hanging out before. You might want to close your mouth now.” He smirked. I smacked him playfully on the arm and tried to scowl, but couldn’t help turning my frown upside-down.

“Ow!” Louis moaned, rubbing his shoulder. I gave him a flat look; he returned a cheesy smile. I exaggerated a sigh and hit him again. “Hey what was that for?” he whined, rubbing his shoulder once more. I rolled my eyes; he was such a drama queen.

“That, mister, was for kidnapping me looking like… this!” I gestured to myself. His eyes raked my body up and down, making me feel self-conscious. I put my arms around myself to try and hide my disgraceful self. If he had told me he was coming or even hinted something, I would have gotten ready and dressed for the occasion. Instead, he had me thinking that he’d forgotten all about Valentine’s Day, thus me dressing up like a tramp.

Louis put one hand on my thigh while steering with the other.  “You look beautiful.” He whispered, leaning in to me. “Just like always.” He mumbled. I closed my eyes feeling my heart flutter. Louis never fails to make butterflies appear in my tummy and make my heart melt. You’d think I would have been used to it by now because I have been with him so long. But every time I see him, I fall in love with his all over again. That experience will never go away. I looked out of the window, hiding my blush. However, from the corner of my eye, I could see a smile creep up to his face.

“I love you.” He breathed, disturbing the warm silence that had settled between us.

I leaned over to him and looped my arm around one of his and rested my head on his shoulder. “I love you too.” I whispered, giving him a peck on his cheek. Louis pulled the car over and turned off the engine. He turned to face me completely and leaved in for a deep kiss. But then, I stopped him, putting my palm to his chest. “Ah, ah, ah. First tell me, where are you taking me?” I questioned, tracing my finger over his lips, teasing him.

Lou pouted, sticking out his lower lip. Then he smirked. I gave him a questioning look, folding my arms over my chest pretending to be stubborn. “I’m not telling.” He stated, turning the key and bringing the engine to life. He pulled the car back onto the road and we were off again. Still, I had no clue where we were going and I intended on finding out.

Every so often, in other words, every second, I asked him where we were going. I hoped it wasn’t somewhere with lots of people, because for one I looked like something from the bottom of someone’s shoe, and two I don’t particularly like crowds. If we were going someplace with loads of people, I would drag him by the ear back to the car and ask him to take me home. Afterwards I would kill him from the humiliation I was in. “Lou? Where are you taking me?” I asked for the millionth time again. He said nothing, but just smiled, looking at the road ahead of him.

I’d given up trying a couple of minutes after. I knew he would never give in. That was one of the thing he was good at, resisting things. But when it came to my seducing skills, he’d break. Not that I know how to seduce. I only go off of what I see in these romantic movies now a day. It felt like ages before, Louis stopped the engine and looked my way. “We’re here.” He announced, looking or cheery with a huge grin on his face. He got out first, closing the door behind him and then coming to my side. He opened the door for me, with a sparkling glint in his eyes. “Ma’m.” he said.

I smiled. “Why thank you, sir.” I said in a posh tone getting out of the car and attempting to smooth out my clothes, and combed out my hair with my bare hands. I looked up at the sky. It had gotten darker now and you could see little tiny starts twinkle. “Wow…” I breathed.

I felt Lou slip his arm around my waist and guide me slowly to a grassy field. The whole time I kept my gaze on the stars. I haven’t even seen anything like that before. “They are so beautiful.” I whispered. They truly were.

“Just like you.” Lou said by my ear. I smiled at his comment. It might have been cheesy, but it worked perfectly at this moment. I knew for a fact that I didn’t look beautiful; in my sweats and tee, with hair like a monster. I giggled at the thought. The things Louis would say to not offend me.

“Look in front of you.” Louis whispered. I looked to where he pointed, and my mouth fell open. Right there, was a big colourful hot air balloon. It was lit up with fire and shone the through the coloured material at the top, making the amazing patterns come to life. Oh my. I had never seen a hot air balloon before, never mind ride in one!

“You like?” Lou asked, leading me more closely towards the hot air balloon. I had no way I could respond. My mouth was hung open and my eyes were wide. My legs were controlled by Louis as I followed where he led. He put an arm around my shoulders and brushed his nose against my cheek. “I’ll take that as a yes.” He mumbled into my hair. The touch made electric currents whizz around my body and it wasn’t long before I was suddenly feeling very hot.

Suddenly Louis grabbed my hand and tugged me into the basket of the balloon. It was made of thick rope, so I was guessing it was strong enough to hold the both of us. I was kind of anxious for my first rife in one of these. I continued to hold Lou’s hand as he closed the little doorway and looked at me with a massive smile. The glint in his eyes said it all. He knew that I wanted to ride in a hot air balloon ever since I was little, but it never happened. Until today.

“You ready?” he asked, brushing his hand against my cheek. I nodded as a reply, no words formed. I had never been on a hot air balloon before. I was excited and scared at the same time. But I knew if I had Louis with me, there would be nothing to be scared about. I held his hand tighter and snuggled more closer to him.

Louis pulled the lever which shot even more fire, causing more hot air to fill the balloon. I squeaked at the sound and then looked towards Lou. We both burst out laughing at my reaction. One by one we both dropped the sand bags and we slowly started to float up. I gripped the edge of the basket steadying myself. Lou snaked a hand around my waist and pulled me closer, making me feel more secure. I took in his sweet aroma and looked out at the view. We were going higher and higher.

Soon the houses, trees and everything else seemed so small that it was like they were made for dolls. I smiled. My first experience on a hot air balloon wasn’t half as bad. I was happy it was with Louis. Watching the twinkling starts and feeling so warm under the fire of the balloon, I felt relaxed. Louis cleared his throat interrupting my thoughts.

“So… do you like your valentine’s day treat?” he asked, pulling me closer to him. I was pretty sure that my heart was beating wildly now and no doubt that he could hear it. A twitch at the curve of his grin confirmed it and I blushed.

“Yes! I do! Thank you Lou.” I said giving him a hug. But his arms didn’t come around me. What was he holding behind his back? I stepped back, my eyes narrowing playfully. “What’s behind your back?” I questioned, folding my arms over my chest.

“Oh nothing.” Lou said, eyeing everything but me. I pressed my palms on his chest.

“Show me.” I whispered.

“Nope.” He said popping the ‘p’ sound. I rolled my eyes and stepped back.

“Lou, just show me.” I giggled as I attempted to look behind his back, but he wouldn’t let me see. “Louis!” I yelled, pouting playfully. He just laughed.

“Okay, okay, okay. I give in. Here.” He said revealing what was behind his back. My smiled grew wider as I saw what it was.

There in his hands was a bouquet of baby carrots wrapped with red ribbon around the middle. Trust Lou to bring you some carrots. “I bought them for you.” He said, pushing them towards me. I took them out of his hands and admired them. “I love you so much, El. I don’t know what I would do without you, and I’m so happy that you’re mine. Happy Valentine’s Day.” He said coming closer to me and ending his sentence by placing his soft plush lip on mine.

I kissed him back, passionately. Deep down I knew my Lou wouldn’t forget it was Valentine’s Day and to be honest this was by far the best Valentine’s Day I have ever had. We both pulled apart resting our foreheads together. His eyes bore into mine and I felt my cheeks heating up.

“I love you too Lou, and always will.” I whispered. I took out one of the carrots from the bouquet he gave me and stuffed it in his mouth. “Now eat!” I laughed. He happily took the carrot in his mouth, took a bite off and then stuffed it in my mouth. My eyes widened at the sudden action, but ended up laughing till my stomach hurt.

We spent the rest of Valentine’s night on a hot air balloon floating in the midnight sky, laughing, making out and eating carrots. We were truly lucky to have each other. Louis Tomlinson was my other half, nobody could compare. Sure he was a little quirky and weird, but I liked him like that. He was mine and no one else’s. So there you have it. A Valentine’s that started weird, but ended memorable. And just to add, always dress up on Valentine’s Day. You don’t want to be kidnapped by your other half looking like a zombie that just woke up out of a trash pile, now do you?

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