The Mentor

200 pupils from a school have been selected to take part in a competition. Madeleine Hopson is one of these. Her school has been chosen to select 200 boys and girls aged between 15 and 18 to take part in 'The Mentor', a new TV show were kids are sent to live with a famous diver for 5 months, and the celebrity has the time to turn them into diving sensations. All the big names are taking part, Alicia Blagg, Kassidy Cook, Chris Mears... And of course, The Plymouth Gang! How hard can it be?


2. Well!

The rest of my morning was as boring as I expected. After Physics I had business studies, were we basically just read the papers. I spent the whole lesson reading cartoons and texting Charlotte from behind my paper. I then had to suffer through drama class, where we were doing trust exercises. I think I got dropped about 7 times, my ass is killing me!

On the bright side, it’s now lunch and we get to find out who out mentors are!!! I joined a group of people heading to the lockers, and soon spotted Chalotte’s hair a mile away.

“Oi, blonde!!!” I called, and she turned round “You coming? The Plymouth Gang are waiting for you!” Yep, that worked.

She skipped over to me, looking happy. Uh oh.

“Did you know that Jack Radcliffe got on the show?” She grinned, grabbing my hand and dragging me to the hall. Jack Radcliffe was a boy in the year above us who Charlie had the biggest crush on.

“OMG you’re cheating on The Plymouth Gang” I fake gasped, laughing when she hit me.

“You’re just jealous, Miss Forever Alone” She teased, as we arrived at the hall. Her smirk fell away. “Oh god, I’m so nervous! What is we get a really old guy and we have to live with him for 5 months? Or a complete bitch?!”

“Yo dude, chill out! It’ll be fine! We’ve been waiting for this moment for months, remember?” I said, handing her some water “Be happy!!”

I could see her relaxing as she took a big drink of the water and did her yoga breathing. People all around us were pushing to get into the hall, which was filling up.

“Better?” I asked, putting the water back in my bag. She nodded. “Let’s go then!” I said happily, and we strode into the hall.

All the seats from this morning’s assembly had been removed, and instead there was a big table at the front of the hall, with a few adults sat behind it handing out thick files to people. Let the pushing begin.

Me and Charlotte took a deep breath and plunged into the scrum, elbowing a few people and I took a kick to the shin. An accident, I hope. About half way in Charlie got shoved the other way, and I shouted at her to meet me at the back of the hall later as I continued to wriggle to the front. Ah, finally!

“Name” A bored looking women said to me, looking up from a clip board.

“Madeleine Hopson” I answered, excitement filling my voice. This was it!!!

“Here you go” She handed me a thick booklet “Have a read of that. It should tell you everything, but ring the number on the back if you’re confused” All I could do was nod before I got pushed out the way.

Elbowing my way out of the crowd, I couldn’t see Charlotte anywhere so I went over to a table in the corner and plopped down, looking at the file. The front cover was all black, with ‘The Mentor’ written in cool writing. Taking a deep, calming breath, I opened it.

Congratulations contestant!

This booklet will tell you everything you need to know about your time on the show! Read on for more information.

Underneath was a big picture of all the celebrities taking part. I’m getting nervous!!!

Contestant name - Madeleine Rose Hopson

Age – 17

Mentor(s) – The Plymouth Gang

Location for show – London, England.

Oh. My. Fricking. God. I have The Plymouth Gang for my mentors. Me. I have The Plymouth Gang. Five of the fittest lads on the planet. Holy flying poo. I need to find Charlie. No, I need to get my head around this first.

Grabbing my bag, I shoved the booklet into it, and made a break for the door. I went as fast as I could in heels, which really isn’t very fast, but it wasn’t very long before I got to the nearest bathroom. Luckily it was empty.

I dumped my bag by the sink and switched the tap on, pulled out a Kleenex and ran it under the cold tap, then laid it across my forehead to calm down. I read about this on Twitter somewhere, it helps you calm down. Breathing deeply, I sat on the floor and put my head between my legs, eating a mint as I did so.

After about a minute, my heart rate went back to normal and my breathing slowed, so I slowly stood up and pulled the tissue off my head, shoving it in a bin. I looked in the mirror, and came face to face with an extremely pale face, my chocolate hair and eyes stark contrast to my skin.

I stayed in the bathroom for another few minutes, until some colour came back to my face and I finished the mint. Mints always calm me. Well, I guess I better find Charlie. She’ll be worried.

Not a second after that thought crossed my mind, did Charlotte herself come into the bathroom.

“I knew you would be here” She said, pulling me into a hug “What’s wrong babe?”

She made me sit down on the floor again, plopping down next to me herself.

“Charlie, promise me you won’t flip out” I said slowly, my voice serious. She locked eyes with me.

“I promise. Now what is it Hun? Tell Auntie Charlotte” She ordered, waggling her finger at me. I took a breath, and closed my eyes.

“The Plymouth Gang are my mentors” I said very fast, opening my eyes to see her reaction. She just blinked at me. And I think she stopped breathing. “Charlotte?” I asked, waving my hand in front of her face “Yo, you in there girl?”

“G-G-God!!!!” She stuttered “You lucky thing!” She screamed, hugging me. At least she doesn’t hate me!!! “Can you hook me up with Jack?!” She asked, and I laughed.

“So you don’t mind?” I checked, and she shook her head.

“If I can’t have them, at least you do!!!” She said, grabbing the booklet out of my bag and reading it “You get to go to London!!!”

“Wait” I suddenly said “Who’s your mentor?!”

“Oh, only…. TONIA COUCH!!!” She screamed, and we both stood up and did a happy dance. A little 11 year old walked into the bathroom, and quickly ran out when she saw us squealing and jumping around.

“But I have to go to America. It’s so far way!!” She pouted, giving me her file.

Contestants name – Charlotte May Tiddle

Age – 17

Mentor(s)- Tonia Couch

Location for show – Los Angeles, America.

“You get to go to L.A!!!!” I gasped, pointing to the paper “Be happy women, be happy!!!! And Tonia Couch is your mentor!!!! You’re going to be, like, BFF’s!!! DON’T FORGET MEEEEEE!!!!!” I fake cried, sobbing into my arm. She just laughed at my little bit of acting.

“Madz, you can’t act. Now let’s go get some lunch, I’m starving!” She said, dragging me out of the bathroom.

We dumped out bags in the lockers and met up with some of our other friends, who were all discussing the show and who had got which mentor.

“Did you hear Hannah Blake got Kassidy Cook?”

“And Matt Cap got Sarah Barrow!”

“And I got Tonia Couch!” Charlotte said, doing the ‘ta-da’ pose. Everyone whooped, clapping and hugging.

“Who did you get Maddy?” Our friend Kara asked, and I looked at the ground.

“Umm…. The Plymouth Gang….” I mumbled, and all the girls around my screamed.

“You lucky thing!!!!” Vanessa Bennett exclaimed, and we all started doing a group happy dance as we skipped into the cafeteria, getting a few weird looks.

I felt a hand on my arm, and turned around. Standing there was Jordan Daniels, the schools ‘Bad Boy’ and all round man-bitch. That boy is plain nastyyyyy…..

“Oi, Hopson. What you lot screaming about? You’re giving me a headache” He snapped, and a few of the boys around him laughed.

“Oh, just because I got on The Mentor and you didn’t” I retorted, having heard earlier he hadn’t got on. After looking momentarily stumped, his old cocky look returned to his face.

“Who wants to go on a stupid TV show anyway? I’d much rather be in the park drinking” He laughed “But apparently you think you’re too good to come to the park anymore”

“No, I just have better places to be than a smelly park with a bunch of smelly boys. Now, I have places to be, so go away please” I said, and the girls behind me laughed. A lot of people had gathered around us now.

“No, I like it here thanks” He said, taking a step towards me.

“Oh, screw you” I said, turning to leave.

“Is that an offer?” He asked, winking. I gagged.

“From what I’ve heard, there isn’t much to screw” I said simply, before turning round and walking off, leaving him there open-mouthed. Point to Maddy!!!

“Shall we get some lunch?” I asked, and Charlotte nodded. We linked arms and headed off towards the lunch queue, checking the menu as we past.

“Burgers!!!!! It’s about time, we haven’t had them for weeks!!” I cheered, grabbing two burgers, one chicken and one beef.

“How the hell don’t you get fat?” Charlie asked in envy, picking at the salad she had got. You see, I can eat as much as I want, and not put on a pound. I’m not the skinniest but I’m not exactly fat, I’m a English 8-10 and bra size 34C, so I’m quite happy with my body.

Charlotte was the same size as me, but she has to really work for it, going for jogs in the morning and eating healthy. I really am lucky, I hate jogging.

We plopped down at our favourite table in the corner and I kicked off my heels under the table, rubbing my foot on the floor.

“Ow, blisters I think…” I complained, taking a bite of my burger. Charlie laughed.

“Maddy, you always have something wrong with you! What was it yesterday? Too much mascara on your top lashes and your eyelids were to heavy?” She giggled, remembering my mascara issue yesterday. It wasn’t funny, my eyes kept sticking together!

“Oh, shut up Miss I’m-So-Tall-I-Don’t-Need-Heels” I muttered, taking a drink of my water.

“You’re just jealous” She winked, and we both burst out laughing, settling down to eat lunch and talk about the show.

Life’s good!!!!

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