The Mentor

200 pupils from a school have been selected to take part in a competition. Madeleine Hopson is one of these. Her school has been chosen to select 200 boys and girls aged between 15 and 18 to take part in 'The Mentor', a new TV show were kids are sent to live with a famous diver for 5 months, and the celebrity has the time to turn them into diving sensations. All the big names are taking part, Alicia Blagg, Kassidy Cook, Chris Mears... And of course, The Plymouth Gang! How hard can it be?


1. The Mentor

“I am so proud to look down on all of your happy faces and welcome you…..” The headmaster of my school droned on from where he was stood on the stage in front of my school, giving yet another boring speech.

Twirling a lock of my long dark brown hair around my finger, my chocolate brown eyes scanned the room looking for something to take my mind off the utter boredom I was feeling.

“Maddy… Maddy!!! Madeleine Hopson!!!” My best friend Charlotte Tiddle whispered, poking me in the side in an attempt to get my attention.

“Wha? Oh, sorry. Zoned out again” I whispered back, trying to regain my focus.

“I wonder if he’s going to announce the winners of that competition?” She asked, excitement obvious in her voice.

“Oh, I hope so!! It would be amazing if we got i

n!” I exclaimed a little too loudly, getting a few dirty looks from the teachers stood either side of the hall.

“Shhhh!!!” One of the geeks behind me said, kicking my chair.

“Oh, shush yourself!” I snapped, slouching down in my chair. Yeah, I’m not exactly what you would call a ‘model student’. I mean, my grades are quite good, but I have a habit of making a lot of smart ass comments, getting into the occasional fight and pissing off just about every teacher in the school. Together, me and Charlotte are known as the ‘badass gals’, the student bodies name for us. We’re not really mean to people though, only if you piss us off.

“Now, what a lot of you have been waiting for, more information regarding ‘The Mentor’!!” Mr Jake, the headmaster announced, making my head snap up.

You see, I go to this diving school in the north of England, and a few months ago it was chosen to take part in this new TV show ‘The Mentor’, where 100 girls and 100 boys from the school go to live with a diving superstar for 5 months, and the star gives us all sorts of lessons on diving and our image and stuff.

The TV show will mainly just be about our lives with the stars and how we’re going with the training, and then at the end of the 5 months we all do a few dives while they film us, and the public will vote for their favourite, one girl and one boy. Ed Baker is running the show, and the winners get a diving contract with his diving team DivingForever. Basically, the winners are going to be famous divers.

The only problem is, there are over 1000 people in the school. You have to be over 14 to enter, so that leaves about 800 people left. And only 200 get in. From the general gossip, about 600 people entered. So I have about a 33% chance of getting in. As they say in the Hunger Games, my the odds be ever in your favour. Yep, I’m a Hunger Games geek, don’t judge.

And if we get in, we then will be shipped all over the world to work with our mentors. For example, the person who gets Kassidy Cook will go to America, the person who gets The Plymouth Gang will go to London, the person who gets Alicia Blagg is apparently being taken to France so they can ‘focus’.

“I know that many of you are anxious to see if you got in, and the lists of the people who have will be pinned all around the school today. Have a great day, dismissed!” He said, waving his hand as a sign for us to leave.

“Oh God Maddy, let’s go!!” Charlotte cried, grabbing my hand and dragging me through a bunch of 12 year olds who were looking sad they couldn’t enter. Poor things, I’d be pissed too if I couldn’t.

“Look, there!” I screamed, spying a list in the corner. We ran over to it before anyone else could crowd round, and scanned the names.

“T…Tate…Taylor….Tiddle!!!! CHARLOTTE TIDDLE!!!! I GOT IN!!!!!” She screamed, and we did our own little happy dance.

“Let me see!” I exclaimed, grabbing the list off her “Hope… Hopkins…. HOPSON!! I’M IN!!!!!” I screamed, handing the list to someone else and running around in an ecstatic circle. “Charlie, I’m in!!!!! WE’RE IN!!!!” Charlie is my nickname for Charlotte, seen as Charlotte is a mouthful to say.

“OH MY GOD, WE’RE GOING TO BE ON TV!!!!” We exclaimed, and I actually did start crying happy tears “This is it, our big break!!!”

“It says here that everyone who has got in needs to go to the hall at lunch to find out who their mentor is. Imagine of I got The Plymouth Gang!” Charlie gasped, the realisation hitting her. Charlotte was the biggest fan on the planet. I was a fan too, their diving is great and they seem like really nice people, I’m just not quite as obsessed as Charlie. For their sake, I sort of hope she hasn’t got them.

“What have you got next?” Charlotte asked, calming down just enough to pull her timetable out of her bag and look at it “I’ve got… Ugh, Math!!! How on earth can I concentrate on linear graphs today?!?” She shook her head in despair, her long, thick light fair hair falling into her face. That’s the nice way of saying she has blonde hair, although her hair is gorgeous.

“Ugh, where is my ruddy time table?!” I moaned, looking through my bag. You see we’ve only been back at school for about a week, as it’s just gone Christmas, and I got a new bag and now can’t find anything in it. “Aha! Bingo!” I cheered, pulling out the timetable.

“Now let’s have a look see… first lesson… Wednesday…. Ah poo, Physics!!!” I sighed, dreading the lesson to come.


The bell telling us to move our butts to class rang, and we both sighed.

“Well, see you on the other side. Meet outside the lockers before lunch so we can go to the hall together?” Charlotte said, and I nodded. We hugged, and went our separate ways.

Time to go to the prison, aka Mr Blake’s Physics room. I tell you, it was that man’s life goal to win me at a comeback contest. So far he has never beaten me.

I trudged off down the corridor and into the science wing, checking my phone as I went. I hate my phone so much. It looks like it’s from the 1800’s, and is constantly jamming and shutting off for no reason. Yet I’m still not allowed a new one. Oh poo, teacher. My phone fell into my bag just in time to avoid being spotted, as ‘technically’ we’re not allowed phones in school as they ‘disrupt our learning’. Load of bull, if you ask me.

By the time I got to the classroom nearly everyone was there, lining up outside. I padded over to some of my friends, my heels clicking on the wooden floor. It was sorta my trade mark to challenge the school dress code, and my signature was wearing black high heels to school. Hey, I need the extra height, I’m only 5’4. The teachers have just about given up telling me to take them off now. Sadly we had to wear a uniform, and mine consisted of a short black pencil skirt, a tight-ish white shirt and neat black blazer, with my red tie hanging low around my neck. What can I say, I like to look good. And I know what you’re thinking, no I’m not a slut, I’m 17 and still a virgin. Not 17 for long though, my birthday is in 6 weeks!!!

“Maddy!!!” A voice called, and I turned to face my friend Natalie, who was stood at the back of the queue. She applied, didn’t she? I think so… I wandered over to her.

“Hey! You excited about the TV thing?” I asked, and she instantly knew what I was talking about. The whole queue did, as I’m pretty sure everyone was not listening to our conversation.

“Yeah, I suppose. I didn’t get in though” She mumbled, tears beginning to prick in eyes. Oh lord, I feel awful. How can I say I got in now!?

“Awww, babe!!!” I cried, pulling her into a hug. The rest of the class had gone silent, looking at us “Don’t you have something better to do?” I snapped at them, pulling out a tissue and handing it to Natalie.

“Sorry” She sniffed, fixing her make-up with the tissue “I’m just a little upset, I mean, we all thought we were going to get in, didn’t we? What about you and Charlie, did you get in?” She asked, and I looked at the floor.

“Ummmmm welllll yeah, we did” I confessed sheepishly, feeling awkward. She smiled.

“That’s great!!! Congrats, babe!” She squealed, hugging me. This is how it goes with Natalie, one minute she’s crying, the next she’s doing a mini happy dance. She actually is doing a happy dance.

“Excuse me, ladies. If you’re done…” I looked up to find we were the only ones in the corridor, apart from an annoyed Mr Blake. May the comeback contest begin.

“Oh, sorry sir, we were just celebrating” I said, shooting him my best smile as me and Natalie wondered into the classroom, taking out seats together on the back bench, next to a group of geeky looking girls who stared at us in awe.

“Yes, the TV thing, I heard a few of you got in. I take it you did, Miss Hopson?” He grumbled, shutting the classroom door.

“Yeah, I did! Do you want an autograph now or later?” I asked, while pulling my pencil case out of my bag and setting it on the table.

Mr Blake sighed in defeat “Just do the questions on the board. No talking” I smiled my winning smirk. Another point to Maddy Hopson, I think!

We worked quietly for about 15 minutes, until the whispers began to break out. I sat for about five minutes, listening to people around me, trying to figure out who else got on the show. About 4 of the guys had, a girl in the far corner that I think was called May, and one of the bitches that were absolute slags and fucked anything that moved. No offence meant to them or anything but…. Scratch that, bucket load of offence meant!

“So, did you get on that show thing?” I heard one of the geeky girls next to me say, and I started to listen to them “I didn’t even bother to apply”

“Yeah, I did!!!” One responded. Oh, yay. The annoying, preppy one got on. I hope she goes to somewhere like Antarctica.

“Class, quiet!!!!!!!” Mr Blake bellowed, shutting us up.

I have a feeling I am in for an interesting day.

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© Copyright 2013 MaddyHopson1997 (Maddy Hopson)

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