fit for rivals . (sequel to suicide silence is golden)

Danielle or Renee phoniex as she is called now gets in a fight with Andy and black veil brides e day before they announce her into the band! What will happen? Will they work it out? Read and find out


2. the fight

I knocked on the studio door. 

"Hey ray!!!!" 

"Hi guys!!!"

Black veil brides was like my family.

"Show us the song!" Andy was practically jumping up and down.

"OK OK calm down!"

I picked up the electric guitar and started

you dont know anything.

You don't know anything.

You don't know anything about me.

Once it starts it never stops discipline its all I'm not

Can't help myself you listening? Why can't I say just what I want?

You don't know anything

You don't know anything about me

Steady damage cross the line watch me close killing to find 

Chain me up hold me down let me go. There's always more. Can't help myself loading control I want it all excluding you let me go so construed oh you don't know anything about me.



"Like it?" 

"I don't know..."

"OK what didn't you like?"

"You sounded like a guy in that! Your supposed to be the female vocalist not the SHEMALE vocalist."

"Andy your being an ass."

"Well you asked. I don't think you meet BVB standards."

"Well maybe I can find people who don't back out on their word to be in a band with me..." almost crying my voice cracking.

"Baby don't cry."

"Don't touch me Andy.."

"Renee please."

"I have to go."



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