fit for rivals . (sequel to suicide silence is golden)

Danielle or Renee phoniex as she is called now gets in a fight with Andy and black veil brides e day before they announce her into the band! What will happen? Will they work it out? Read and find out


5. studio

I walk into the studio. I didn't need the directions. Andy and the rest of BVB record here. 

Someone ran into me

"Watch it bitch."

I look up to Andy.

"Thanks asshole."

"Sorry Renee I didn't know it was you."

"I don't care. I need to get to my studio my bands waiting."

"Oh. Ok. Wouldn't want to keep them waiting."



I felt tears spring to my eyes.

"Andy. I don't think I don't t-thin we should see each other anymo-ore." I said crying

"Fine by me I'm gonna go to my girlfriends house anyway."

"Oh. That's nice?" 

I saw Eli walking over.

"Hey man I don't care if your Andy Biersack from Black Veil Brides or not. You don't treat Renee like that. She has her own problems without you adding on."

"Oh I know about her 'problems' I just can't deal with her right now. She can't sing she's not that good."

"She's amazing! Her voice has depth and raspiness and is so intense! She has a natural talent. You of all people should see that."

After saying that Eli walked me away to the studio.

"Hi ren- oh my god what's wrong!?" 

"Nothing ruff she just needs a couple minutes."


"I'm fine! Come on lets do this!"

"YEAH!" The guys screamed.

I walked into the studio and waited for the OK from the sound board directer.

And I sang. Like nothing was wrong. This was my escape. This was a release. When I get home I can deal with it but right now this helps.

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