fit for rivals . (sequel to suicide silence is golden)

Danielle or Renee phoniex as she is called now gets in a fight with Andy and black veil brides e day before they announce her into the band! What will happen? Will they work it out? Read and find out


7. hospital

"I hope she wakes up soon..." Andy? 

"Yeah I can't believe she did that over you... you realize how much she loves you!" KELLIN?

I couldn't see anything or hear anything? What the hell!?!? 

Someone touched my hand and I calmed down... Andy..

I flutter my eyes open. God bright fucking lights...

"RENEE!!!!!" Andy was hugging me and crying.



"Do you still hate me?"

"I have never hated you! I was upset baby I'm sorry I'm so sorry!"

"B-but you said you were c-c-cheating on m-me." I said crying 

"I didn't want to look like a wuss... I loved you and I didn't want you to she eme crying.."

"Yeah its not like you've seen me in a hospital dress or anything" 

"God this is all my fault Renee I'm so sorry!"

"I'm OK its OK!"

"Your not fucking OK you've been here for a week!!!"

"I don't even remember what happened.."

"You cut..."

"Oh.." I looked at my arm.yup.  tons of big ass gauges in my arms. I'm an idiot.

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