fit for rivals . (sequel to suicide silence is golden)

Danielle or Renee phoniex as she is called now gets in a fight with Andy and black veil brides e day before they announce her into the band! What will happen? Will they work it out? Read and find out


4. flashback! meeting the members

I had to calm down. I can't believe Andy said that!! that asshole! 

I still had my guitar and I sat down on a park bench and started playing.

Don't know where I'm going everybody's runnin' everybody's runnin' come back after all is broken everything is burning no one is rupeturning step back step back everybody step back step back its time to pick up the slack you out ta know


I look up to three guys in band shirts. 

"That was amazing"



"What's your name?"

"Renee phoniex" I say calmly

"You should join our new band we made 1 day ago"


"Of course!" 

"I'm Eli."

"I'm Rufino."

"I'm dorman."

Eli handed me a piece of paper with studio directions and we exchanged phone numbers.

"Meet us at the studio tonight at around 7!" Eli said.

"Alright see you guys later!"



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