You & I Forever

A valentine's day fan fiction for the 1D and 5SOS competition. It valentine's day and Sophia is hoping to spent the day with her one true love Liam Payne. Unfortunately he has work, will he be able to convince her that it will always be her and him, above anything else.
Yes I am Siam (Sophia and Liam) shipper, I believe we should be happy for them no matter what. So no hate please.


1. It wil always be you and I forever

Sophia's POV

I opened the curtains, it was a beautifully, sunny day. Which was completely usual for the middle of February. Maybe a scroll in the sun on the beach would be fun. My smile disappeared the moment I thought that though. It was Valentine's and while most girl's love Valentine's day, I hated the thought that I would not be able to spend it with Liam. Our first Valentine's day and he wouldn't be home, instead he was at the studio with the boys. Curse the management.


As the thought of a day without him carried on circling my mind, I began to feel depressed, I looked around the room, I needed to the house hold cleaning but I couldn't be bothered, so I picked out my mobile and rang Eleanor, she was my best friend out the other members girlfriends, and I knew that just like me, she would be spending the day alone, without Louis.


"Hi Sop, how's it going?"

"Hi El, not to well, just wondered if you fancied a girly day out?"

"I'd love to, but Louis has promised me to take me out to night, to make up for being out all day, he was really apologetic last night." She giggled. "Hasn't Liam got something planned as well?"

My heart sank, "No, I don't think so. He even seemed happy and excited about going to the studio today."

"Well don't get too down, I have to go though. Got to pick out my outfit for later, don't know what to wear."

"Go for something tight and show a lot of skin, knock him dead." I grinned.

She laughed before replying, "Thanks for the advice. Speak tomorrow."

My smile faded as the phone clicked off at the other end, what was I going to do, I'd never met Perrie so I didn't know her number, but after hearing of Eleanor's amazing plans I didn't want to her anymore.


I flopped back against the cushions of the bed, Liam had seemed off yesterday, he was excited about going to the studio, which in a way was nothing new, but he was also really quiet, he wasn't that way with me, we would talk and laugh all night. I didn't know what was going on but yesterday's activities had made me question our relationship.

Glancing at the clock I saw it was 11'o'clock, Liam wouldn't be home until 6, and there was no way I was just going to sit and do nothing. I glanced around the room, I didn't fancy a DVD, if I went on the laptop all I would read is abuse, my only option was to go out, go for a scroll, window shop, maybe have a coffee at Starbucks.


I pulled on my UGG boots and a jacket, before heading out into the warm sun. I browsed shop windows, bumping into couples, I went to Starbucks to grab some lunch, but there was more couples making out, so I headed back out, to find a corner shop to grab a sandwich from.


It was 4'o'clock before I decided to head back home, I needed to make dinner for Liam, he would expect that. But as I rounded the corner I saw Liam's car in the drive way. I rushed up to the door and unlocked, thinking that this was just a trick of the imagination, I wanted him to be home, so I was imagining things. I stepped inside locking the door behind me, and gasped as I saw the immaculately clean hallway. My gasp must have been loud, as the next thing I knew Liam was rushing down the stairs and engulfing me in a hug.

"Where have you been? I've been worried sick. I come home to find the house a mess, and you know where in sight, you wouldn't even answer your phone."

I pulled my phone to see 9 missed calls, 6 texts, and 2 voicemails. I felt confused.

"I didn't think you were coming home until 6, so I decided to go out and keep myself busy."

"I wasn't supposed to be coming home until 6, but when you didn't reply to my first text, or answer my call. I knew something was wrong."

I looked down holding back the tears, "I'm sorry Liam." I tried to step around him, but he grabbed my arm, spinning me around.

"Hold on what's wrong, you only call me Liam if you are angry at me."

"I'm not angry Liam, I'm just hurt. It's our first Valentine's and your out working, I just...I just wanted to spent it with you."

Liam's expression softened, "Come here. I didn't want to work, but I wanted to make this Valentine's day special."

I looked at him confused, while in his arms.

"I want you to be the first to hear our latest song, unfortunately I didn't write it, but I sang my heart out for it to be finalised today." He smiled, while dragging me to the living room, and clicking play on the radio.

Beautiful, soft music started playing out, before the lyrics came pouring out.

I figured it out, I figured it out from black and white,

seconds and hours, maybe they had to take some time.

Then I heard Liam's voice.

I know how it goes, I know how it goes from wrong and right,

silence and sound, did they ever hold each other tight like us, did they ever fight like us.


You and I, we don't want to be like them, we can make it till the end. Nothing can come between You and I. Not even the gods above, could separate the two of us.

No nothing can come between You and I.

Oh You and I.


By the end of the first chorus I was in tears, Liam paused the song looking worried.

"Liam, it's beautiful. You did this for me?"

"Well, I had to beg management to let me play it for you before it was even put to the label, but yes."

He knelt down in front of me, cupping my knees. "And I wanted you to know, that no matter what others say, or what ever the future holds, that nothing could ever make me love you less. I love you Sophia Anne Smith."

I smiled, "I love you too, Liam James Payne."

We leaned in and kissed, but Liam pulled away not long later, "Now I've tidied the whole house, recorded a song, and a hopefully delicious 3 course meal is awaiting in the kitchen."

I sat starring at him for a while, before jumping in his arms, "Your the best, you know that?"

"I try." He smiled at me, kissing my cheeks. "Happy Valentine's day, babe, and I have one more surprise. I don't have work tomorrow. So how about that scroll on the beach we always talked about? Even if it's raining."

I was a little shocked that that's what he wanted, but I wasn't going to argue, so I nodded eagerly before walking hand in hand to the dinner table. Liam pulled a chair out for my before handing my me Valentine gift, a gorgeous engraved necklace, saying You and I Forever.

What started out as a horrible day, turned into the best (extended) Valentine's day ever.


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