Taken Away

This a poem I wrote to a girl. We were good friends, but I think I knew her for too long so it became established that we were just 'good friends'. We had interludes of one fancying another in the past, but towards the end of our friendship I realised I have got to stop just being 'good friends' with her if I am really attracted to her, otherwise it will eat me up inside as I really did fancy her. So I wrote this poem, a month later, I showed the poem to her and she loved it. We didn't have a relationship, as we had both moved on to different schools. I went to a boarding school in Devon and she remained in Brighton. As of today, we are still in different locations and we have both moved on to seeing different people. That is the background of the poem, and the result of it. She still loved it and that's what counts. I hope on this Valentine's Day, you all do something special to make your other hopeful or other half, go 'wow!'


1. Shakespearean Love Sonnet - Taken Away

I could sing you a love song, like Bruno Mars,

I could lasso you the moon and bring it to you,

Perhaps we can fly to the stars,

Go to Neverland and meet the crew,

Rest upon the cloud,

Hand-in-hand like a couple,

Misted in the love shroud,

Tempted by the apple,

If only you could read my heart, if only you could know how I feel,

If only love wasn’t such an obvious lie guarding the golden truth,

If only I could show you the love seal,

If only we could visit Cupid at his love booth,

You are the Sun that brightens my day,

Oh how I wish you knew, that everyday I am truly taken away.

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