true love conquers all

Anna was just another ordinary girl living in Dublin, One day Anna's mom comes home from work with three backstage passes to the 1D/5SOS concert in Croke Park for Anna her sister Laura and her cousin Abby. What will happen when the girls meet their idols? Will they find love? What will happen when two of the boys fall-out over one of the girls? Read to find out? :)


14. Week before the tour

Week before the tour

Anna's P.O.V:

Niall and I have been going out for 2 months now and it's the week before they leave for their Where We Are tour. I'm still over in England so that I can spend time with Niall. So are Abby and Laura. Today I'm going meeting Niall at the studio and then from there we're going to the gym and back to his place to have a movie night. I put on my black yoga leggings, my pink sports bra, I put my pink and yellow armband on her arm, I put on my pink Nike hoodie, my pink Nike runners and . Then I tied up my hair in a high ponytail, grabbed my iPhone and my Nike sports bag and walked out of my room, down the stairs and out the front door.

I got into my range rover and drove to the studio. Once I got to the studio I walked in the lobby and up the stairs to the 3rd floor where their recording studio was. The red light was off so that meant I could go in. I entered and saw the guys packing up. When Niall saw he came over to me and gave me a huge hug. I said hi to Louis, Liam and Zayn (Harry had already left). Then Niall and I headed off to the gym. Once we arrived at the gym, Niall went to get changed, so I took off my hoodie put it in my bag and put my bag on the bag rack and headed over to the rowing machine. When I had 1000+ meters done I felt a strong pair of hands wrap around me from the back.

I turned around expecting to see Niall but instead I saw Alan. "Well, well, well, fancy seeing you her Anna, all sexy looking and covered in sweat" He said "Alan, what are you doing here?" I asked fuming. "Well I came over to see my girlfriend of course" he replied "I'm not your girlfriend any more" I said. Just then Niall walked over to us. "Is there a problem here?" He asked and before I could reply Alan cut in "No, not at all, just checking up on my girlfriend" "Ex girlfriend" I said putting the emphasis on ex "Wait, Anna, who's he?" Niall asked "My ex boyfriend, you know the one I was telling you about?" I replied "Oh, him, now Alan" Niall said his name as if he were some sort of poison "If you don't mind me and Anna came here to work out, not to be disturbed by you. So please leave us alone or I will call security" Niall threatened "Fine, but you better watch out" Alan said before he left.

The rest of out workout consisted of us having races on the rowing machines, going on the treadmills and Niall helping me to lift weights. I tried to enjoy myself but all I could think of was what Alan said "you better watch yourself" After the gym Niall drove us back to his house. Once we got there I had a shower in the spare room while he had a shower in his room.  When I got out of the shower I took my spare clothes out of my sports bags. They were a turquoise top, grey tracksuit pants, white ankle socks, turquoise vans and I put a small plait going across my head. When I was ready I walked out to the kitchen where Niall was making 2 cups of tea. He handed me my cup. I said thanks and put on a smile, but Niall saw right through it. "What's up?" he said as he lead me towards the sofa in the sitting room. I told him everything, what Alan had said to me when he rang, what had happened in seconday school, everything. 

After that Niall comforted me and for the rest of the night we just cuddled on the sofa and watched movies.


Anna's outfit for the gym:

Anna's outfit at Niall's house:



Sorry for the short chapter, I'lll try to make the next one as long as I can. OMG I went ice-skating today with my whole year and I kept thinking about Night Changes and Harry's part! :P Yes I did fall but that was only because a guy in my year slipped and landed on his side, me and 2 of my friends were posing for a picture and he slid into one of my friends, knocked her over, she pulled me down with her and my other friend fell down as well. So there was just four of us lying on the ice, laughing! XD 

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