true love conquers all

Anna was just another ordinary girl living in Dublin, One day Anna's mom comes home from work with three backstage passes to the 1D/5SOS concert in Croke Park for Anna her sister Laura and her cousin Abby. What will happen when the girls meet their idols? Will they find love? What will happen when two of the boys fall-out over one of the girls? Read to find out? :)


10. Party time!

Party Time!

Anna's P.O.V:

I started to get ready for the party. It is now 4 o'clock and the party is starting at 6. Mom, Dad, Tom. Laura and I set up the garden and the kitchen and got the food ready with the occasional help from Abby, Cian, John, Áine and Thomas (Abby's dad, Anna and Laura's uncle, P.J's brother). they had all gone home to get ready for the party as well.

I walked into my bathroom and had a quick shower, dried my hair and straightened it. I put on my underwear and my fluffy pink dressing gown. As I walked out of my bathroom I hear Laura yell my name. I walked to her room to see her holding up 3 dresses a pink dress, a black dress and a light green kind of dress. "Which one should I wear?" She said "Am, not the black it's too dark, the pink is nice but the green-y one suits you the best I think" "Ok, thanks Anna!" She said.

I walked out of the room and back to my own. I looked through all my dresses and decided on a navy blue lacy dress with navy blue lacy pumps, my silver angel wing earrings, my silver heart necklace and my silver ring that I got from Laura last Christmas. I put a small plait  in my hair a kind of french side plait and I put my eyeshadow and lipstick on, painted my nails and I was ready.

Anna's outfit:

Laura's P.O.V:

Once Anna helped me pick my dress I hopped into the shower. When I got out I dried my hair and let it hang loose over my shoulders. I put on my dress and decided to wear my white TOMS with it. I found a silver banglet and wore that and I put my daisy boho headband on. I did my make-up and put my green-y case on my iPhone to match my dress. I was all ready. I quickly checked the time it was 5:30.

I ran down the stairs into the kitchen and saw Anna nibbling at the food in the kitchen. The front door opened and in walked Abby, Cian, John, Áine and Thomas. Cian and John when into the living room where Tom was, Áine went upstairs to help my Mom pick out her outfit, Thomas went out the back to halp my Dad and Abby came over to us.

Abby was wearing a really nice light-grey strapless dress, silver sandals, a silver haedpiece, redlipstick she had her nails painted red and her eyes were done really nicley as well and she also had a silver phone case on her iPhone.

Laura's outfit:

Abby's outfit:


Anna's P.O.V:

It was now 6 o'clock and people were starting to arrive, most of them were clients of my Mom's company and even though a lot of them we had never met we who they were because we heard a lot of Mom's stories from work. My Mom herself was looking stunning. She was wearing a white dress with black roses on it and a black belt, black heels, a gold banglet. Her hair was down but one side was pinned back and she had red lipstick and red nail varnish on.

By half six everyone had arrived except the One Direction and 5 Seconds of Summer lads oh and Simon Cowell. Abby, Laura and I were outside socialising when the lads arrived. I spotted Niall and Calum first and waved at them. They spotted me and walked over towards me. Soon Luke, Louis, Elenour, Zayn, Perrie, Liam, Sophia and Michael had joined our group. At seven Simon arrived and the 1D lads had to go and read over and sign the advertising deal/contract. Michael went to get some food and Calum followed him while Luke went to get us drinks so it was just Elenour, Perrie, Sophia and I left in the group.

E- Elenour    P- Perrie    S- Sophia      A- Anna

A- So whats it like dating famous pop stars?

E- It's different, I mean we don't have that much time together but when I get time off from modelling I go meet him on tour.

S- Yea it is different but Liam's such a sweet guy and I suppose you have to get used to it

P- Well I suppose it suits me because sometimes we have our tour breaks at the same times and we have loads of fun together and if I was touring near where he was I'd go to see his show and to surprise him.

E- So Anna, what are you doing at the moment?

A- Well, I'm studying to become a doctor at Trinity college, I just finished my first year and I do a small bit of modelling on the side.

P- Oh, very nice! So any boyfriends?      *She said with a wink*

A- No, none at the moment.

E- Well you might have one sooner than you expect because I came over here with Louis and Niall and Niall was really excited to see you, Louis said he hasn't stopped talking about sine last night

Luke- Here are your drinks,

A,P,E,S- Thanks!

E- Oh look the boys are out, we better go over to them. Anna here's my number feel free to call me anytime! Oh we should go shopping tomorrow! How does that sound?

A,P- I'm in!

S- Sorry I can't go Liam and I have plans tomorrow!

E- Well we'll talk to ya later Anna!


"So what were you girls talking about? Was it how hot I look in this shirt?" Luke says with a wink and a smirk, "hahaha funny but no we were talking about work and college and stuff like that" I said "Oh, right. By the way have you seen Ashton anywhere? Michael, Calum and I can't find him anywhere!" "No, but now that you mention it I haven't seen Abby or Laura in ages, lets go look for them" Luke and I walked all around the garden looking for Ashton, Abby and Laura. "Hey Anna! I think I found Ash and Abby" Luke said and pointed at two people standing in the corner of the garden talking. We were about to make our way over to them when they kissed so we decided not to. When they pulled apart we saw that it was Ash and Abby. 

After another 5 minutes of searching we found Laura who was walking round the garden hand in hand with Harry Styles! "Wow that sister and cousin of yours work fast" Luke said jokingly I laughed and said "They sure do"

Niall, Calum and Michael joined our conversation and the 5 of us had a great evening. They all gave me their numbers and we had loads of fun! We took lots of selfies and took sneaky pics of Ash and Abby, Harry and Laura, Louis and El, Zayn and Perrie and Liam and Sophia. When it was time for the lads to go Niall pulled me aside and said "Will you be my date for the This Is Us movie premier in London in 2 weeks time?" "I'd love to Niall!" I replied. "Great" he replied. Then he kissed my cheek and went out to the car where the other were waiting! Best night of my life so far!!!!! Eeeep!!!


Anna's Mom's outfit:


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