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Anna was just another ordinary girl living in Dublin, One day Anna's mom comes home from work with three backstage passes to the 1D/5SOS concert in Croke Park for Anna her sister Laura and her cousin Abby. What will happen when the girls meet their idols? Will they find love? What will happen when two of the boys fall-out over one of the girls? Read to find out? :)


5. Meeting the boys!

Meeting the boys!

I've changed my mind I'm going to postpone the competition for a while because I want to get a bit more of the story written first! Sorry! 


Anna's P.O.V:

All four of us quickly made our way to the backstage entrance door we each showed our passes to the security guard. "JOHHNY!" he yells at a man down the hall. 'Johnny' shows up at the door and tells him to bring us into the green room. 'Johnny' motions for us to follow him we walk through the door and follow him Abby, Laura and I silently fan-girling we quickly promise to each other not to totally freak out when we meet the lads or to scream just to try and act cool then we all start giggling when we see a room with a sign on the door with the words 'green room' written on it. We calm ourselves down before walking in. "Wait here, I'll go and get the boys, feel free to have anything you want from our buffet or bar" Johnny said and with that he  walked out of the room. Mom's work phone started ringing so she answered it and walked out of the room.

 I looked around the room. I realised that we were standing in one of the croke park conference rooms except the chairs were replaced with sofas and there was a small bar in the corner of the room with a man standing behind it. "SELFIES!" I heard Abby yell, I quickly walked over to where Abby and Laura were standing and we took loads of selfies  then we decided to sit upside-down on the sofa and take some more selfies.

Suddenly the door opened and nine very familiar boys including two very cute blondes ;) walked in the door followed by Paul. They saw us sitting upside down, they made their way over to where we were sitting. We were all frozen in our spots that we couldn't even move. Louis spoke up first, "you comfy there loves?" Abby replied saying "We were talking slefies!" while Laura elbowed me and whispered "stop staring at Luke and Niall!" I blushed and looked quickly away, the boys start laughing at Abby's reply and Ashton says "upside down selfies?" the he pauses while we nod our heads and he says "COOL! I wanna try!" He sits upside down inbetween Laura and I and started taking selfies with us! He asked us our twitter usernames and mentioned us in the caption of the picture and then he asked for our instagram usernames and he tagged us on the 5sos page and his page in those pictures! I'm having so much fun right now!

I feel my phone buzzing and see that I have multiple twitter and instagram notifications. I see the pictures Ashton tagged me in but I also see that Calum, Michael and Harry took pictures of us taking selfies and posted them on both twitter and instagram and tagged us in them. Calum's caption under the picture was : 'the lenghts they go to just to take a selfie!' Michael's was: 'Ash, Abby, Anna and Laura' while Harry's read: 'They do realise their sitting upside down right?' I replied to Harry's saying 'really? I thought you guys were upside down! note the sarcasm! :P' I started to feel light-headed from all the blood rushing to my head so I quickly sat up. Ashton, Abby and Laura all sat up aswell.

"So tell us a bit about yourselves" Liam said. "Well I'm 18, born and raised in Dublin, Anna and Laura's 1st cousin and I'm a single pringle!" Abby said. "I'm 17, Anna's younger sister and Abby's 1st cousin I'm also single and I love guys in bands" "and what about you love?" Louis says looking at me. "well I turned 19 last week, I'm 100% Irish and I'm also single" As I finish off I notice both Niall and Luke looking at me. I shrug it off they were probably being polite and looking at me because I was talking.

All of a sudden Louis yells "SELFIE TIME!!!" and we all start taking big group selfies we even get the bartender to take a few big group pictures for us. The door opens and in Paul walks. 5sos your on in 10 so get ready, then he looks at Abby, Laura and I and says "time to go ladies, Johnny will escort you to your VIP seats and ye will see the boys again after the concert." While Paul was talking I could not shake the feeling that someone was looking at me. After Paul's little speach Abby, Laura and I walked out the door to where Mom and Johnny were waiting and walked up to our V.I.P seats.


Luke's P.O.V:

We were on our way from our dressing room to the green room to meet three fans who had gotten backstage passes. I hope they won't start screaming in our faces, well their most likely here to see the 1D boys but we have to go anyway. Ashton walked in the door and we all walked in to see three girls around our age sitting upside down on one of the sofas talking selfies. Louis spoke up and they girls jumped a bit but thankfully didn't scream. The lads and I walked over and sat on the sofa across from them, except for Ashton who sat inbetween the girls and started taking selfies with them.

 It was then I noticed that one was staring at me but then the girl next to her elbowed her whispered something in her ear she blushed and looked away. I also noticed that she had our band t-shirt on. She was really pretty. She had really pretty green eyes that matched her green cardigan. I was broken out of my trance when Calum elbowed me.

Liam told them to tell us a little about themselves I didn't really catch what Abby and Laura said other than the fact that Abby is Anna's 1st cousin and that Laura is her younger sister. Then Anna started talking, she said" Well I turned 19 last week, I'm 100% Irish and I'm also single" YES! she said she's single and she's not much older than me! I think she noticed me staring but pretended not to.

"SELFIE TIME!" Louis yelled and we all stood up and took lots of group selfies, I tried to get next to Anna and noticed Niall trying to do the same thing I hope he dosen't like her because lets face it he's much more famous and richer and hotter too. Anna stood inbetween Abby and Laura so I stood inbetween Ash and Cal.

Then Paul came in and told us it was time to get ready and he told Anna, Abby and Laura that Johnny would escort them to their V.I.P box but that we would see them after the concert!!!!!!!! YES!!!!!! The girls walked out the door and took a right then the lads and I walked out the door and took a left on our way towards the stage Cal elbowed me and whispered in my ear "somebody has a crush" causing my cheeks to turn bright red.


Niall's P.O.V:

The lads and I were going to meet three fans who had gotten backstage passes. I wasn't really in the mood to see anyone right now especially three crazy fans, because my girlfriend (Brittany) broke up with me yesterday through text. Even though I was excited about performing in Croke Park. This one of my first times here. Westmeath have never been in the All-Ireland football final. The Sam Maguire has never been in Westmeath unlike Kerry who have it the most times. They are the only team to win it over 30 times 36 to be exact then the next is Dublin who have won it 24 times. (We had a tour of Croker earlier on and the guide told us all this)

When we reached the green room Louis opened the door we walked in to see three girls who looked like they were in their late teens sitting upside down taking selfies. One of them had light brown hair and beautiful green hair she really reminded me of Brittany only a little bit prettier. I sat on the sofa across form the girls. I learned that her name was Anna, she's Irish like me, 19 and single but thats all I heard cause I was mainly staring at her so much that I zoned out. I think she noticed me staring. Oh well!

When Louis sugessted we take a big group selfie I tried to stand next to Anna and I saw Luke had the same idea, no-way was he getting her, I'm gonna make her mine! I ended next to Michael and Zayn, Anna was next to Abby and Laura, oh well at least it's not Luke. Paul came in and told Johnny to escort the girls to their seats, we get to meet them after the concert!!!!! 



Hi guys! Sorry that this chapter is kinda repeating itself but I had to put in how all three felt about each other oh and sorry it took so long to upload, I had a really busy week. I'll try to upload once every week maybe even twice if I can. 

Oh and the main people in this book are: Anna, Luke and Niall so most of the chapters will be in their point of view. Hope  you enjoyed. Please comment any suggestions you have and please excuse me if I make any spelling mistakes. Please like, fan, comment and tell your friends about this movella! 

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