true love conquers all

Anna was just another ordinary girl living in Dublin, One day Anna's mom comes home from work with three backstage passes to the 1D/5SOS concert in Croke Park for Anna her sister Laura and her cousin Abby. What will happen when the girls meet their idols? Will they find love? What will happen when two of the boys fall-out over one of the girls? Read to find out? :)


1. Introduction



Anna Connoly:

age: 19

height; 5'7

build: skinny but not too skinny

fitness: very athletic

personality: funny, outgoing, friendly girl that is always smiling

more: green eyes, straight chesnut brown hair medium lenght



Laura Connoly: (Anna's sister )

age: 17

height: 5'6

build: skinny but not too skinny

fitness: athletic

personality: funny, crazy ( in a good way ) and lights up your day kinda girl

more: blue eyes, wavy brown hair same lenght as Anna's


Tom Connoly: ( Anna's brother )

age: 23

height: 6'4

build: muscular

fitness: athletic

personality: sporty, easy going, funny

more: blue eyes, dark brown short hair ( kinda like nialls but dark brown )


Mom Caroline:

blonde hair, sporty, manager of an advertising company


Dad P.J

brown hair, sporty, used to play football but now manages the Dublin Team, works as a science teacher in a secondary school


Abby Connoly: ( Anna's cousin )

Age: 18

more: brown straight hair, very athletic, P.J's niece very friendly

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