true love conquers all

Anna was just another ordinary girl living in Dublin, One day Anna's mom comes home from work with three backstage passes to the 1D/5SOS concert in Croke Park for Anna her sister Laura and her cousin Abby. What will happen when the girls meet their idols? Will they find love? What will happen when two of the boys fall-out over one of the girls? Read to find out? :)


8. Fun with the guys!

Fun with the guys!

Nialls P.O.V:

I was really looking forward to seeing Anna again after the concert! I ran off the stage as fast as I could, I quickly started to get changed out of my wet clothes as soon I reached the dressing room, while I was changing I realised that I was the first West-meath man to change in the dressing rooms of Croke Park after playing in the pitch. A few minutes later the door opened and in walked in Zayn, Louis, Harry and Liam followed by Paul. "Get dressed lads, you won't be able to go up to meet Mrs. Connoly to discuss the advertising of the movie for another 45 minutes at least because they have to clear all the fans on that floor first so you won't get mobbed" Paul said, "That's fine" Liam said.

Paul turned and walked in the direction of the green room. Once I was already dressed I decided that I'd go to get some food. I asked the boys did they want to come. Harry said yes while the other boys wanted to call their girlfriends first. Harry and I walked towards the green room. "LAST ONE THERE IS A ROTTEN EGG!" Harry yelled before running off, I started running after him, Harry stumbled at one of the corners so I passed him out and yelled "EAT MY DUST!" A few meters from the door we were neck and neck suddenly the door opened and the two of us stumbled in the doorway getting a few shocked glances from the staff while Paul and Lou were laughing at us.

I saw Nando's containers un-opened on the table. I quickly scrambled up and ran towards the food earning more laughs from Lou and Paul. Harry and I ate away, after a while Liam, Louis and Zayn joined us. Soon after that a man walked into the room and said "you can all go up to the VIP box now where your meeting will take place, John here will escort you up to the box" He points at a man in black trousers and a yellow jacket that says 'Croke Park Security'. The lads and I get up to follow John, Paul follows us aswell he is representing Simon at this meeting because if they do a good job on advertising our movie they could become our permanent advertisers.

We follow John to the elevator. "Just in case there are any fans lurking in the stairwells" We follow him into the elevator. He presses a button and the lift starts to go up. When we reach the floor where all the corporate boxes are we all get out of the lift. We follow John down the hallway. John stops outside a wooden door opens the door and says "Food and drink will be sent your way soon, enjoy" I follow Paul into the box and immediately spot Anna talking to Luke, Calum and her cousin Abby. I start to make my way over towards their little group. I say hello and they all say hello back "You guys were amazing!" Anna says "Yea you guys were brilliant" Abby says.

I smile at Anna. She thinks we were amazing! Take that Luke! Wait why am I saying that! Lukes my friend! "Hey can we take a selfie with you? Anna and Abby ask. "Sure why not" I say they both smile and take out their phones. I noticed that Anna has a One Direction phone case and that there is a red heart around my face! 

Anna notices me looking at her phone case and quickly covers it with her hand and her cheeks turn a light pink. I take the selfies with her and Abby and join their conversation with Luke and Calum. After a while Ashton calls Luke Calum goes looking for food and Abby goes to talk to Laura. It's just me and Anna.

N - Niall            A - Anna

N - So did you enjoy the concert?

A - Yea! You guys were amazing so were the 5SOS lads!

N - Are you a Directioner?

A - Yea! And a member of the 5 SOS fam!

N - So are you in college?

A - Yea, I just finished my first year at Trinity. I'm studying medicine so that I can become a doctor

N - Oh, you must have done really well in your leaving cert to get that course!

A - Yea, I got 590 points

N - Wow! Thats amazing! Have you always wanted to be a doctor?

A- Kind of, well my dream job is to be a model but I decided to get a degree in doctoring before I even tried out for that

N - Yea, that does seem like a good idea!

"Boys time for the meeting" Paul yells,

N - Talk to ya later!

A - Okay! 


Anna's P.O.V:

I waved to Niall as he walked over to his meeting. I can't believe I got upset over what Alan said, I'm having the best time! I walked over towards the food and grabbed some chips. I was so hungry that I started eating them really fast. "Wow, slow down there" Ashton said as he walked over towards me. "Sorry" I said when I had swallowed all the chips. They really warmed me up after sitting outside for ages.

"So...... I was just wondering does Abby maybe have a boyfriend?" he said, "Ooooh! Does somebody have a little crush?" I said while elbowing him playfully "Maybe" he replied, "so does she?" "No, weren't you listening earlier when she said she was a single pringle?" I said, "Um no, I kinda started staring at her and didn't hear anything until Michael elbowed me" He said  while blushing.

"Hey guys!" Abby said while walking towards. "So, whatcha guys talking about?" She said. "Oh, just the concert, oh look there's Laura, gotta go" I said and walked off to where Laura, Calum, Michael and Luke were talking.

"I HAVE A VERY BIG ANNOUNCEMENT, SO GATHER ROUND" Paul's voice boomed around the room. We all walked over to where my mom, Paul and the 1D lads were standing. "Connolly advertisers are our new and permanent advertising company!" Paul said, we all cheered, "And, there will be a big party tomorrow at our house, you are all welcome, it will be fancy dress as all our other customers will be there and Mr. Simon Cowell will be there aswell" My mom said. We all cheered. 

"Anna, Laura, Abby we better get going we have to get the house ready for tomorrow" Mom said "ok" we all replied in unison. We said our goodbyes to the guys and went home! Best night of my life so far!



Sorry it took me so long to update I had lifeguard training and my Wi-Fi was gone for ages! Also sorry for the short chapter, the last half is really just a filler just to introduce the party. During the story I might be skipping bits here and there because I don't want this book to drag on. There will be a sequel if you guys want. Oh and thanks so much for the 123 reads and 2 favourites! It really means so much! Please tell your friends, family, dog, goldfish anyone about my book, it would mean so much to me! Thanks guys! ILY!!!!

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