true love conquers all

Anna was just another ordinary girl living in Dublin, One day Anna's mom comes home from work with three backstage passes to the 1D/5SOS concert in Croke Park for Anna her sister Laura and her cousin Abby. What will happen when the girls meet their idols? Will they find love? What will happen when two of the boys fall-out over one of the girls? Read to find out? :)


6. Concert


Anna's P.O.V:

When we reached the V.I.P box Johnny opened the door for us to walk in. We entered a small hallway there was a little closet for coats on my left, then the room opened out a bit, it wasn't that big but it was big enough, to my left there was a bar with a bartender standing behind it he looked about early 40's with jet black hair and not very tall.

There was food and drink laid out on the bar counter infront of him and there was more on the counter behind him. All finger food. Above the counter behind the man was a big mirror with the words "Croke Park GAA" written in the center, against the left hand side wall there was a leather sofa and across from it against the right hand side wall there was a table. Directly infront of us there was a big glass wall with a sliding door on the left side.

Outside the glass wall were 15 seats with leather padding, 5 seats in three rows. "Well this is your box, there may be 2 or 3 more joining ye, I'm not sure but after the concert they will start clearing the people out of the other boxes on this level so that the lads can come up to talk to ye, Oh and after the One Direction starts the 5 Seconds of Summer lads might be joining ye, they can't come up during the interval because of the fans. Well I'll leave ye at it so, see ye after the concert" Johnny says "Bye!" Mom, Abby, Laura and I say together.

Once Johnny shuts the door after him Laura says "WOW, we havta take some more selfies in here!" Abby and I agree so we take some while sitting on the sofa infront of the bar, and the mirror then we open the sliding door lean over the railings and take some more. I put my phone way and so do Laura and Abby, I look towards the stage and awe in amazement then I look down at the pitch which is really filling up.

 I try and see if I can spot my friend Katie who had tickets for tonight aswell. She got standing tickets on the pitch in the purple zone which is right next to the stage. There are two big screens on either side of the stage, right now 'wake me up' by avicci is playing, while the screen they use in matches is promoting companies and upcoming concerts around Dublin not in Croke Park though (Croke Park can only host 3 concerts a year)

We can tell that it's lashing rain because nearly all the people walking on to the pitch are wearing rain ponchoes. "Anna, Laura, Abby" I hear my mom say. We walk in to the box were my Mom is standing, "have a drink, eat something, you need your enery to scream at the lads" she said with a wink. I got a bottle of Croke and I had a few chicken wings and chicken salad sandwiches. I sat on the sofa inbetween my Mom and Abby while Laura put her food on the little counter infront of the glass screen and stared out it waiting for 5SOS to appear on stage.

"They won't be coming out untill 7" the man behind the counter said, "Oh, thanks" Laura replied but still continued to stare out the glass. After we finish our food we decide to go and find the bathroom. I walk out the door followed by Abby and Laura and we walk down the hall. Once we find we walk in and go to the toilet.

As I'm drying my hands on a piece of tissue paper (Abby and Laura already went back to the box) a woman and a 8 year old girl who I'm assuming is her daughter walk into the room, "Mommy are you sure we won't miss the start of the concert?" the little girl says in a worried tone, "We won't, Ellie" the woman says to her daughter but her daughter dosen't look too reassured and looks on the verge of tears so I walk up to her and say "Don't worry they're not supposed to come on stage for another 10 minutes," then I spot her t-shirt, it was white but on oneside someone had drawn the 1D logo in red, white and blue while on the other side 5SOS logo was drawn in black. "Oh I like your t-shirt, did you amke that yourself?" I asked her, Ellie nodded her head shyly in reply "it's very good!, I'm going to be seeing the 1D and 5SOS boys after the concert, do you mind if I take a picture to show them?" "I'd love that! Mommy is it ok?" Ellie asks, "Sure, why not" her Mom says. I quickly snap the picture and get their adress off the mom so that I can send Ellie their autographs. "Thank you so much!" Ellie says and hugs me while beaming "Thank you" Her Mom says, "You'r very welcome" I reply smiling at Ellie, "Bye" I say and walk out the door down the hall and back to the corporate box.

 I open the door and see Abby Laura and my Mom sitting outside on the leather padded seats in the front through the glass. I sit on the seat second from the steps next to Abby. "What took ya so long?" Laura said the minute I sat down so I told them about Ellie and I showed them the picture of them. About 5 minutes later I hear drums starting to play followed by guitars and a base, then I see Ashton sitting behind the drums,Michael on the left hand side of the stage playing the giutar, Calum on the right hand side of the stage playing the base and in the middle I see that unmissable piece of blond hair, Luke playing the guitar and singing don't stop. 

We have to look at the screens to see them properly but we don't mind because we can hear them perfectly, we start singing along and by the end of don't stop my mom yells above the noise "Is it Luke the blondy that you like Anna?" I blush and nod my head. I could swear I see Luke looking up this way but then again I can't see him properly so maybe I'm imagining it, hopefully not though. The rest of their set was amazing, They finished off with slsp and I'm nearly positive Luke is looking my way! :D "Thanks Dublin! This was amazing well except for the weather!" Ashton yelled into his mike and they ran off stage.

During the interval we ate some more food because we were hungry after all the singing and screaming. After half an hour we hear screaming and see 1D running on stage, Louis first then Liam followed by Harry then Zayn and last but most definately not least Niall. They start singing Right now. They are amazing. At nine they leave the stage to get changed. While they are gone the glass door opens and out walk, Calum, Michael, Ashton and Luke. They say hi to us and we tell them how much we enjoyed their set. Just as we hear Harry's voice boom over the loudspeakers saying "We're back", suddenly Luke gets pushed on top of me and ordered by a laughing Ashton to sit in the empty seat next to me while they sit behind us. Luke shyly says "sorry", Abby then suddenly grabs my elbow so that I will stand up to do the Macreana with her and almost everyone else in the stadium.

Once You & I starts Abby, Laura and I sing along to every song, they end with What makes you beautiful and thank everyone and leave the stage. We were told it would be at least 45 minutes before they come up to us so we decide to walk into the box, Luke and I are last walking into the box, I feel his breath on my neck as he whispers "You have a great voice" in my ear "no I don't but thanks" I reply blushing and smiling like an idiot.


Luke's P.O.V

During 1D's costume change the boys and I decided to go up the the corporate box where Anna, Laura, Abby and Anna and Laura's mom were. "That Anna one seems nice, what do you think Luke?" Calum says with a wink, I feel my cheeks go red and I reply saying "Yea, she seems alright I guess" Hoping Ashton or Michael wouldn't notice my cheeks which by now were redder than tomatoes, but unfortunately they noticed "Ohhhh Lukey's got a crush" Ashton almost yelled as we were walking up the stairs "No I don't" I said hoping they'd drop the subject but of course they didn't "Don't deny it" Michael said and they all started yelling "LUKE LIKES ANNA!!!" "Okay, okay, if I say yes will you stop?" I said "We will but you have to admit to it" Ashton said "okay, I kinda like Anna, there you happy?" I said "delighted" Ashton and Michael said at the same time.

We reach the V.I.P box that Anna and them are in after what seems like ages. We enter the box, I go last because I am so nervous, I see them sitting outside on the seats waiting for the 1D lads to come back on stage. I follow the lads outside to them, we all say hi to them and they tell us how much they enjoyed our set, I'm so happy they enjoyed it! I hear Harry's voice booming over the loudspeakers announcing their arrival back onto the stage and the audience screaming, suddenly I feel someone push me and I land on top of Anna, then I hear Ashton laughing and telling me to sit in the empty seat next to Anna.

I quickly apologise and sit next to Anna. Abby pulls Anna up and they do the macareana with the rest of the stadium, then the 1D boys start singing You & I and Anna starts singing along, she has a brilliant voice ( I know what you'r thinking that I'm only saying that because I like her but I can tell Ash, Cal and Mickey are impressed at her singing aswell ) They finish up with One Thing and What Makes You Beautiful and all I can think of during those two songs is the beautiful talented brunette standing right beside me.

Once 1D run off the stage we all start making our way into the box because it'll be atleast 45 minutes before they are able to come up here to us, Anna and I are last walking into the box, out of nowhere I get this sudden burst of courage and whisper in her ear "you have a great voice" she blushes and starts smiling she has a beautiful smile with two adorable dimples to go along with it. "No, I don't but thanks" she replys and smiles at the ground, she seems very insecure. I hear Long way home start to play and look around wondering where its coming from "oh sorry thats my phone" Anna says I look at her  smiling delighted that LWH is her ringtone, She pulls out her phone and looks at the caller ID when she sees it her face falls, "I'm sorry" she says to me and runs out of the box.



Oooh, I wonder who it was? cliffhanger! :P

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